Funki leggings

It’s the first time I’m ever writing this – but this post is sponsored! When Funkifabrics contacted me and offered me 3m of fabric of my choosing I got pretty giddy. FREE STUFF! And free FABRIC? Yes please. I am incredibly easy to please when it comes to free stuff. Especially when I’m a student.

I planned to make a few different things with the fabrics I picked, and these Virginia leggings are first up in the making…


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Linden x 2

First some distressing news. I have been using my seam ripper wrong THIS WHOLE TIME. It’s been a tough morning, but I think I’m ready to move past it now.

The weather in Denmark is glorious at the moment, which has made me want to make clothes in happy, sunny and colourful… erm… colours. And as part of my sewing plan this year, I have been working on some more basic garments. Enter: more Lindens.

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A neon Watson

I think one of the reasons I love making lingerie, is that it takes no time whatsoever, and I don’t have to break my back taping/cutting patterns and fabric on the floor. It all feels very civilised, sitting at my desk cutting out tiny little pieces with my rotary cutter.

Also, how awesome are bra kits? For this Watson I turned again to Merckwaerdigh‘s Etsy shop.

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Spring (if we dare call it that out of fear that the winter god will get p’d off) has been insanely busy. I’ve had time to sew a fair bit, bit not much time for writing anything other than uni projects. But here we go.

Dan got me the Zinnia skirt pattern for Christmas and due to a severe skirt shortage I decided to crack it open. I love the skirt, but it wasn’t the most fun make ever because of the fabric….

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One year on

I started blogging pretty much exactly 1 year ago today, and oh my how time goes by quickly. I thought I’d write a post to take stock of what I’ve achieved in my little sewing corner of the web.


I keep a ‘Make library’ spreadsheet where I list everything I make (my longterm memory is shite – we call it Alzheimer light in my family), what pattern I used, where I got the fabric etc… And having reviewed it I’ve realised quite how much I’ve made in the past year Continue reading