His and her hoodies

About a month ago we arrived back home in Sweden after a 6 month adventure in la Alpujarra in Southern Spain. Writing this post and editing the photo’s was a bit tough – I miss it so much already. The walks on the mountain, the clean air, the exercise from constantly walking either up or downhill (my arse will never look that good ever again…), all the amazing people we met. And that VIEW.

But being home is great too. I am working for one! Having spent the last 2.5 years mainly studying and travelling, a full time job provides some much needed structure. And money. But it definitely means less time for sewing.  So while my sewing machine is mostly sleeping soundly in it’s box, here I’ll be sharing some photo’s of two of the last pieces I made while in Spain: his and her versions of Burda 6718.

I originally bought the pattern to make Dan a birthday present (the blue hoodie above), and quickly realised I wanted one myself. I bought all the supplies from Minerva Crafts. I want to do a very grateful shout out to them by the way. While in Spain, they were by far the fastest and cheapest way to get fabric and notions delivered up the mountain. And they stock such a wide range of everything.

For Dan’s hoodie I got a very cosy knitted tracksuit fabric that they don’t seem to sell anymore. For my version I got this Ponte Roma jersey fabric – not as cosy, but thanks to the poly/rayon/spandex mix I’m pretty sure it will never ever wrinkle. So that’s something!

I can’t quite remember what sizes I made to be honest, but I did lengthen the sleeves and body on Dan’s quite considerably. I’m quite tall and square so men’s clothes often fit me quite well, so I am very happy with this pattern. And Dan, hoodie addict as he is, has already ordered about five more….

So there we go. Very cosy and practical makes, perfect for the mountain. My work wardrobe is pretty non-existent though, so in the near future I think I need to work up some pieces that are a bit more polished! I’ve got my eyes set on Tessuti’s Helga shirt, and I love Sara’s Inari tee hack! I’m currently very slowly working on a backpack from Niizo craft, so hopefully I’ll have that to share with you soon.

Happy Easter everyone! xx

3 thoughts on “His and her hoodies

  1. Sounds like your time in Spain was super memorable! You look so happy in these photos. Great hoodies and thanks for reminding me of the Helga shirt, it’s a cool pattern that I had kind of forgotten about.

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