Two piece or too much?

Ah blog, how I’ve missed thou. Or rather, I’ve missed frivolous things like sewing as opposed to writing on my essay (50 pages and counting…). Here is one of my more… crazy outfits.

Dan and I binged on the last few episodes of Mad Men last week (I cannot get over what an amazing show it’s been) and suddenly thanks to the glorious Joan, I knew exactly what to make with this jersey I’ve had in my stash for ages. An OTT two piece (and I’m clearly thrilled about it).

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Upcycling plans

Man I miss sewing. I am on lockdown at the moment until the end of May when I have a major uni deadline. I’m trying to squeeze in a little bit of sewing whenever I can, but it’s not easy.

I’ve also had a bit of a wardrobe meltdown, because for some reason all of my favourite jeans (that is two pairs out of the three RTW pairs I own) decided to die a sudden death of the ass-ripping kind. When you’ve pledged to make all your own clothes, have no time to sew and pretty much live in jeans, that is a bit problematic.

Luckily, this all coincided with my mum doing a major clear-out of old clothes she can no longer wear. After a visit I left with a whole suitcase full of lovely clothes including two pairs of jeans. Thank god.

In addition she gave me two of her favourite dresses. Hence this blog post….

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