The truly elementary Watson bra

This was fun guys. It was so much fun I made two.

As comfortable as us Scandi’s are flashing bare skin (in the sauna mind you), the lacy/racy nature of these prevented me from modelling them myself. So you’re going to have to take my word for it when I say that they fit sooooo well.

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Tutorial: detachable wrist pincushion

Who doesn’t need one? Last night I started looking into various online versions of wrist pincushions, and figured that if I add a bit of velcro here and there, I can make one that’s a little bit more versatile.

Here is the result. Basically, you can either use it as is, on your wrist OR remove the actual pin cushion and use it on it’s own. But I’m pretty sure you got that part.

Detachable-pin-cushion-tutorialBecause the sheer brilliance of this little innovation went to my head slightly (obviously this has been done before!), I thought I’d put together a small tutorial on how to make one. So here we go. Continue reading

#Linden swap – the results

Happy belated Valentines day guys! Dan and I usually blow off Valentines day as the consumerist “tradition” that it is, but yesterday we decided to go all out and shared a significant amount of Prosecco and store bought pizza on the sofa watching Horrible Bosses. A very fancy and excellent evening.

I’m just writing to say thank you so much to everyone who took part in the Linden Swap that Carrie and I got going. I can’t take too much credit as Carrie’s the one who took responsibility of the logistics, pairing people up etc. Check out her blog for a round up of some of the Linden makers who took part. Can’t get over what an amazingly versatile pattern this is.

Here’s the one I made for Carrie. I’m glad I contributed something warm considering the crazy snow weather they’ve been having!

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I made jeans! For someone who never thought this day would come, I’m really excited and pleased with the outcome. I would call the result a really wearable muslin. God knows I made lot’s of mistakes, and the fit is a liiiiittle bit mumsy, but I don’t care. I MADE JEANS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

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