Greetings from Spain: Tamarack

I’m back!

‘Tis been an inhumanely busy summer, culminating in Dan and I getting married (best thing I ever did), and schlepping all the way to the south of Spain for a six month honeymoon/working holiday adventure. I have worked my ass of this year (finishing my master, running a B&B, taking my driving license, planning a wedding, moving from Sweden to Denmark, maintaining two part time freelance jobs…), and going from that to not doing much…. Well, I kind of crashed when we got here. Turns out ‘relaxing’ doesn’t happen by simply flicking a switch. But I’m getting there, and the amazing surroundings here in the Sierra Nevada mountains are definitely helping. As is the twice weekly pilates class with the old ladies in the village….

Having not been able to sew properly for six (!) months, I’ve started back slooowly. I managed to bring a decent sized sewing kit with me to Spain since we drove down here, including some new patterns I haven’t worked with before. And first up on my sewing list was the Grainline Tamarack Jacket.

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