Freedom Backpack

Earlier this year, while we were still in Spain, the lovely Amy from Niizo contacted me and asked if I was interested in trying out one of their bag patterns and kits. After having read Lauren’s review of the Freedom backpack last year, they were already on my radar and so I said yes straight away. I love their modern designs, and making a bag from a kit meant that I was way more likely to make one than if I had to source all the materials myself.

I chose to make the Freedom backpack (man that choice was hard to make…) in the Iron Grey colour and here is the result!

I was quite nervous making this bag. There were a lot of pieces, and I had never made such a complex bag or backpack before Continue reading

Greetings from Spain: Tamarack

I’m back!

‘Tis been an inhumanely busy summer, culminating in Dan and I getting married (best thing I ever did), and schlepping all the way to the south of Spain for a six month honeymoon/working holiday adventure. I have worked my ass of this year (finishing my master, running a B&B, taking my driving license, planning a wedding, moving from Sweden to Denmark, maintaining two part time freelance jobs…), and going from that to not doing much…. Well, I kind of crashed when we got here. Turns out ‘relaxing’ doesn’t happen by simply flicking a switch. But I’m getting there, and the amazing surroundings here in the Sierra Nevada mountains are definitely helping. As is the twice weekly pilates class with the old ladies in the village….

Having not been able to sew properly for six (!) months, I’ve started back slooowly. I managed to bring a decent sized sewing kit with me to Spain since we drove down here, including some new patterns I haven’t worked with before. And first up on my sewing list was the Grainline Tamarack Jacket.

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Sewing for small people: dungarees

I’ve recently discovered how incredibly fun it is to sew clothes for babies. I love making lingerie because of the teeny tiny pattern pieces (no lying and breaking your back cutting out massive PDF patterns and fabric pieces on the floor), and baby clothes are equally small and easy to handle. Also, making baby clothes as gifts for friends and family is pretty special and a lot of heart goes into it. Gifting handmade clothes is definitely more fun that RTW ones, and small clothes like this won’t break the bank.

Actually I think what I’m about to show you are my favourite pieces of clothing I have made yet.

Dungarees 1 Continue reading


Ahh life. It gets busy doesn’t it? Just as I was slowly getting my sewing mojo (sewjo?) back after the holidays everything else kind of took over. School and getting a driving license (at the prime age of 30 – I figured it was time) meant less energy for sewing. I am loving driving by the way. I’m not particularly good at it, and yesterday I did this obligatory first aid course that was basically all about teaching you that driving KILLS, but I still love how it makes me feel like an adult.  Almost.

But back to sewing! I’ve done quite a lot of pretty damn adorable sewing for a few of my friends babies, which I will blog about shortly. But for now let’s talk Marthe.

We the sewing Marthe blouse 1 Continue reading

Inari dress

Traumatic make this one. Not making a muslin, coupled with me gaining a few cm on my hips and not realising (all thanks to a renewed faith in exercise) meant that when I first sewed this beauty up, it was pretty tight. The fabric being this gorgeous Nani Iro that I’d saved for ages to make something special with, made me have a bit of a meltdown. But thankfully the fabric has some give, and after reducing the seam allowance around the hips to about 1/4″, it worked out. Phew.
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Sydney jacket

But first, a few inspiring things that have happened in cyber space in the last 24 hours or so.

  1. Did you read about Essena ONeill? The Aussie “lifestyle” blogger who had enough of the glorified life she promoted on social media, closed it all down and started a website, where she instead promotes things that she feels passionate about. She’s got some really good things to share – incl. the documentary ‘Fashion victims‘, and my favourite TED talk of all times, Amanda Palmers ‘The art of asking’.  Go girl, is all I’ve got to say.
  2. The Guardian published this interview with Amber Rose. A much needed article, if nothing else than for the sometimes frankly bitchy voice inside my own head.

Moving on to something considerably less ground breaking – my Tessuti Sydney jacket. Guys, it’s so warm and snug I might just never take it off. Oh and in the interest of full disclosure – I did put on make-up to take photo’s for this post. I did not look like this an hour ago. Also, I should really be sweating it out in the library right now, not blogging. But who’s perfect…We the sewing Sydney jacket 5 Continue reading

A bit of a gamble

Hola sewers. A while back I bought this jacket/cardigan pattern from Lekala Sewing Patterns. They sell a wide range of patterns, which on first glance look pretty boring. Or, for someone used to the awesome styling of indie pattern companies, they do at least!  Their big selling point is that they have a nifty system whereby you create a profile, and upload your measurements, and a bunch of further ‘adjustments’, e.g. if your shoulder width is below or above average, arm length etc. So, when you buy a pattern, they send you a custom made one, based on your profile and god knows what kind of complicated algorithm.

It sounded a bit too good to be true, but as their patterns cost a pittance, I went for it.  I’ve been in dire need of a cardigan for a while, so I finally decided to sew it up. And people, IT FITS SO WELL. We the sewing lekala cardigan 1 Continue reading

Bantam love

I’ve found my favourite tank top – The Bantam Vest by Merchant & Mills. Oh yes. For a tall, wide-shouldered woman like myself, this top is pure gold. It’s got a racer back (never mind the fact that when I showed it to Dan, he said I looked like I was heading down to the gym to lift some weights), a very generous wide fit and length, all of which I like.

This is my first version which I approached like a wearable muslin. Like with this Wiksten tank I decided to make it out of an old vintage sheet, and make use of the beautiful embroidered details. Love the result.We the sewing, Bantam vest 1 Continue reading

Lark Tee

Did I mention how much I love my serger? Yes, I did, but here I go again. As much as I love sewing with crisp woven cottons, there’s nothing like wearing soft figure hugging knits. And when blessed with a serger, the sewing process is so much more fun, and fast.

Having loved all of Grainline’s patterns that I’ve tried so far, I was very keen to whip up a Lark tee when it came out. I bought some amazing organic rib knit from Organic Cotton Plus, and went to work.

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Saltspring at a wedding

Last week my best friend Ida married Gaby, the love of her life. It was such a beautiful wedding, full of love. I got the big honor to be Ida’s witness which made it extra special for me. I also made the pink bow ties for their two little bridesmaids, their dogs Lily and Tinos! There were a lot of happy tears and lovely speeches.

And a dress! I felt like I needed to wear something special for the day, and when I found this insanely gorgeous fabric over at Blackbird Fabrics, I decided to splash out on postage. And here is the result.

Saltspring dress Front We the Sewing Continue reading