My name is Ingrid and I’m a very tall Swede who after 10 years in London decided to pack up my life (including my English fella) and move to Copenhagen. Here my main occupation is pursuing a Master in Social Entrepreneurship and Management – when I’m not sewing that is.

I recently took the Seamless Pledge, with a plan to get through a year (until August 2015) without buying any RTW clothes.  This started out as a challenge to myself after I realised that I had the capacity and skills to survive going cold turkey, but the more I have thought about it, the more it’s become a political statement.

It might be a side effect of not subjecting myself to the high street for a long time – but a while back I started to get a really sour taste in my mouth at the thought of our society’s insanely high consumption of ‘fast fashion‘. I therefore decided to make a personal statement against it and embrace a ‘make do and mend’ attitude.

Having almost reached my goal my conclusion is that not buying clothes is a lot easier than I thought. I make a fair bit of clothes, and anything I can’t make I can either get from flea markets or vintage stores (or hand-me-downs from family members and friends). Also – clothes last a really long time. There is absolutely no need to throw away clothes because they look a bit worn.

I can really recommend the documentary The True Cost which explains in detail what fast fashion is, and the extent to which it’s impacting on people and our planet.

If you find this way of thinking interesting, and would like to chat about it – drop me a line! Or you know, if you just want to say hi that’s cool too. Making new friends through the sewing blogosphere has been one of the best things about this blogging adventure.

You can reach me here, on Twitter, Instagram or simply send me an email on wethesewing (at) gmail.com.

Ingrid x

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