Greetings from Spain: Tamarack

I’m back!

‘Tis been an inhumanely busy summer, culminating in Dan and I getting married (best thing I ever did), and schlepping all the way to the south of Spain for a six month honeymoon/working holiday adventure. I have worked my ass of this year (finishing my master, running a B&B, taking my driving license, planning a wedding, moving from Sweden to Denmark, maintaining two part time freelance jobs…), and going from that to not doing much…. Well, I kind of crashed when we got here. Turns out ‘relaxing’ doesn’t happen by simply flicking a switch. But I’m getting there, and the amazing surroundings here in the Sierra Nevada mountains are definitely helping. As is the twice weekly pilates class with the old ladies in the village….

Having not been able to sew properly for six (!) months, I’ve started back slooowly. I managed to bring a decent sized sewing kit with me to Spain since we drove down here, including some new patterns I haven’t worked with before. And first up on my sewing list was the Grainline Tamarack Jacket.

tamarack-jacket3Even though we are in the South of Spain, the weather is a bit more rugged in Bubión, the village we’re staying in, which is located at 1350m above sea level. We did have 21 degrees just the other day, but still, autumn is slowly but surely arriving. So, a quilted jacket seemed like the optimal choice.

The fabric is an old curtain piece that I picked up at the charity shop Erikshjälpen in Sweden. I think I paid 30 SEK (about £3) for 2m. The fabric is like a soft-ish quilting cotton, and was lovely to work with. And I LOVE the print. Kind of borderline old-lady-at-the-bridge-club style, but I think I get away with it. Just about. Perfect autumn style either way. I lined it with this lovely soft cotton from Organic Cotton Plus. The weave is quite loose, and probably not ideal as a ‘lining’ fabric. Fingers crossed it doesn’t unravel in the seams. Also, white was probably not a great idea as it will get dirty in no time…

Being very far away from any fabric shops I ordered the wadding on Spanish Amazon. It’s 100% cotton and of seemingly good quality. After reading a lot of pro’s and con’s re washing the wadding before quilting I decided to wash it to avoid any shrinkage when I inevitably have to wash this (again, why a white lining….?). I soaked it in the bathtub, and centrifuged it in the washing machine – simples.

tamarack-jacket9tamarack-jacket10I decided to to do a diamond quilt pattern, the squares measuring 2″ x 2″. I did a test before quilting the jacket  pieces and any smaller looked odd in combination with the fabric print. The quilting took FOREVER, and I probably won’t go for this quilt pattern if I should make another Tamarack. I also decided to make my own bias binding, which also took a fair amount of time. Not the most ‘quick-fix’ of my sewing projects, but I am glad I persevered as this is one. snug. jacket.

I find the sizing on the large side as with most of Grainline’s patterns. I actually sized down one size which I’m happy about as it’s very wide in the body. I also added 2cm in length to both the front and back pieces, as well as the sleeves. tamarack-jacket1tamarack-jacket5tamarack-jacket8tamarack-jacket2tamarack-jacket6tamarack-jacket4tamarack-jacket7Conclusion: I am snug as a bug in a rug. It’s a great autumn piece, and I think I’ll be using it a lot indoors this winter (Spanish houses aren’t built for cold…). I haven’t yet added the hook and eye closures, but will do so as soon as my delivery from arrives.

Good to be back. Also, how amazing is the backdrop for my photos? I can’t recommend La Alpujarras and the Sierra Nevada mountains enough. The white Moorish villages are incredibly beautiful, the hiking trails are never ending and the food…. I’m pretty sure I’m 60% Jamon Serrano by now. Give me a shout if you are passing by!

15 thoughts on “Greetings from Spain: Tamarack

    • Thank you :) Yeah a zipper would have been nice actually. Grainline released the snap front pattern when I was half way through this and I’m quite keen to try that next time

  1. Jackan är vacker, området är VACKERT, och du ser ut här som en historisk berömd skådespelerska! (Stämmer det??) Seriously, that top photo looks like a vintage behind-the-scenes pic from some old classic film (apart from the skirt/leggings). And the print of the fabric är perfekt! Jättebra!

  2. Congratulations on getting married! Certainly sounds like you’ve had a very busy few months, enjoy the quieter pace of life! Great jacket and stunning scenery in the background :)

  3. I concur! Your jacket is BEAUTIFUL – the details of the flowers are so fine – love the colour and I bet you’ll get loads of wear out of this jacket for years to come :) I am a huge fan of Grainline – think I have almost all their patterns except this one and the only reason I didn’t is because I haven’t reached the jacket stage of challenge yet – maybe by next spring I will :)

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