Wiksten tank top

Quick summary: I love this pattern.


I had heard a lot of good things about it in the sewing blogosphere, and was really keen to try it out. I also really admire Jenny Gordy’s work and her effortless and simple  style. I think she does Scandi better than most Swedes. Continue reading

Tutorial: Hand embroidery on clothes

What better thing to do on this part rainy, part sunny Saturday than to put together my first tutorial. Now, I am not in any way an expert in what I’m about to show you. But, I have tried and tested these methods, and am happy with the results.

I am very fussy about any kind of prints and embellishment on clothes that I wear. I don’t like when it’s OTT or when it’s too ‘cute’. On the other hand, I really like flowery patterns, so perhaps some people will think that’s an odd statement! Even though I’ve lived in the UK for almost 10 years, I definitely think that famous Scandinavian style, is firmly rooted in my sense of… er.. style. You know, clean lines, neutral colours, functional clothing…

Therefore, I find embroidery on clothes tricky. I’ve seen some beautiful examples out there, but also quite a few that looks quite ‘old’. But this is completely a matter of opinion. As we say in the motherland, tastes are like the arse, divided. Continue reading


So I thought I’d embrace the term ‘upcycling’.

Project: Mum’s old ‘I was funky in the 90s’, really comfortable silk shirt, that I could tell had the potential of becoming something an indie dude/dudette (note: it’s all unisex these days – which I am all for) in Shoreditch would wear. I happen to live in Islington, but who cares?

I mean, doesn’t this thing have potential?

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Reindeer Archer shirt

Finally done. The planning, prepping, trialling and – finally – sewing, of this project has taken some time. Totally worth it though – I’m really chuffed with how this Archer shirt by Grainline Studio turned out.

After trying embroidery for the first time about a month ago, I’ve been thinking about how to use it on clothing. I knew it had the potential to look pretty horrific, so I did a lot of research (i.e. googling) to find inspiration. I had a vague idea that I wanted to embroider something tattoo style (e.g. a pin-up on the sleeve), but after typing ‘minimalist tattoos’ into the search engine I changed direction. I found loads of beautiful geometric shapes – and finally settled on this bad boy (thought it was appropriate to my erm.. heritage?).

As the shape was made up of only straight lines, I simply traced the pattern onto the fabric using yellow carbon paper and a tracing wheel. I decided I wanted quite a large shape on the back of the shirt.

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By Hand London’s Polly top

Some headless photo’s of me wearing my latest creation. Simple reason for not showing my face – I got home from work and realised I had black whiteboard marker all over it. Love Mondays.

The Polly top is a free pattern from the very sassy ladies over at By Hand London. Am still plucking up the courage  to make one of their Anna dresses.  Fell a little bit in love with it after I saw Sallieoh’s.

This is a much more simple affair. Continue reading

Mother gatherers – vintage finds

I don’t know about your mum, but mine is a massive sentimental hoarder. Anything that’s comes with a story, stays. That’s why we have ‘auntie Ingrid’s chest of drawers’, and ‘grandmother Stina’s chair’ etc.

This weekend when I was home in Sweden, I realised that the same applies to her sewing stash. Inherited down at least two generations, the drawers were filled with beautiful vintage sewing bits and bobs, beautiful silk thread, home made lace, and embroidery. And literally thousands of buttons. My mum hasn’t sewn for years and years, but has still kept it all. She was very kind to offload some of it onto me, and I just had to share some photo’s I took of it all.

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