Scrap buster: Wallet

I’m sure no one’s managed to avoid noticing the Fashion Revolution campaign on social media this week. Such a brilliant campaign, and I hope it reaches a lot of people. I don’t think us sewers are necessarily the main target audience (that would kind of be preaching to the converted), but I think we’re good ambassadors in terms of communicating the value of sewing skills, and also emphasising the hard work behind, and also the value of a piece of clothing.

Although we can still try to pull our weight in terms of choosing fabric that’s been ethically produced, and also avoid waste. In the spirit of this, I’ve decided to work through my massive pile of scraps, starting with the fabric I had left over from my latest Inari dress. I used to make loads of zipper pouches and make-up bags for my now closed (not sure if it’s temporary or not) Etsy shop, and they are great as a smaller scrap busting project to do in-between making clothes. My favourite tutorial is this open wide zipper pouch from Noodlehead.

This time I decided to make a new wallet for myself, as my old one had been dying slow death for some time. Here is the result.

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Splash Inari

Recently I’ve been a bit stressed out over my pledge to make everything in my wardrobe. Two years since taking my no RTW pledge, sewing has become a bit of a necessity rather than something I do purely for fun. And that’s fine.. But the fact is that I am really shit at making basic clothes, like simple singlets to wear under clothes for example. I also find jeans quite exhausting, and the end result is never as durable as RTW ones. Anyhoodle – I was really inspired when I listened to Seamwork Radio’s latest podcast with Jacqui Palhegyi, blogger at Birds of a Thread. She is a sewing blogger, but also part of the ethical clothing blogosphere which I was pretty oblivious to (I mean, I thought our online sewing community had the answer to everything!). So, I’ve started checking out her Ethical Shopping guide with a mind to perhaps let myself do some shopping going forward…

With all this in mind, I’ve recently ‘allowed’ myself to make a bit more fun, unplanned pieces for my wardrobe, this crazy Inari dress being one of them…
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