Scrap buster: Wallet

I’m sure no one’s managed to avoid noticing the Fashion Revolution campaign on social media this week. Such a brilliant campaign, and I hope it reaches a lot of people. I don’t think us sewers are necessarily the main target audience (that would kind of be preaching to the converted), but I think we’re good ambassadors in terms of communicating the value of sewing skills, and also emphasising the hard work behind, and also the value of a piece of clothing.

Although we can still try to pull our weight in terms of choosing fabric that’s been ethically produced, and also avoid waste. In the spirit of this, I’ve decided to work through my massive pile of scraps, starting with the fabric I had left over from my latest Inari dress. I used to make loads of zipper pouches and make-up bags for my now closed (not sure if it’s temporary or not) Etsy shop, and they are great as a smaller scrap busting project to do in-between making clothes. My favourite tutorial is this open wide zipper pouch from Noodlehead.

This time I decided to make a new wallet for myself, as my old one had been dying slow death for some time. Here is the result.

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Refashioners – my contribution

I hope you’ve been following the Refashioners over on It’s been so much fun to see all the different creations people have made out of their men’s shirts. Who knew men’s clothing held all that potential?

When originally invited by Portia to take part in refashioning a men’s shirt I planned to make a button down skirt. However, the shirt I got in the post was in no way big enough to cover my backside, so, I went with a top instead.

For more info on my refashioning process, check out my blog post on here!Refash results 2Here is the shirt Portia sent to me, and below are more photo’s of the result! Continue reading

Copying RTW jeans!

When I made my Ginger jeans earlier this year, I felt that I head reached a major milestone when it came to making my own clothes. I’ve worn those jeans almost to death and it was so satisfying to be able to make something so complicated and essential to my wardrobe.

To challenge myself even further I decided to rip apart a an old pair of H&M  jeans that I thought fit really well  and turn them into a sewing pattern. Well, the bits of jeans ended up lying in a pile in my sewing room for a few months, before I plucked up the courage to do something with it. I was just dreading the time consuming process of creating the pattern and what I figured would be a crap result. Here’s how it went:

We the sewing jeans 1

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Tutorial: detachable wrist pincushion

Who doesn’t need one? Last night I started looking into various online versions of wrist pincushions, and figured that if I add a bit of velcro here and there, I can make one that’s a little bit more versatile.

Here is the result. Basically, you can either use it as is, on your wrist OR remove the actual pin cushion and use it on it’s own. But I’m pretty sure you got that part.

Detachable-pin-cushion-tutorialBecause the sheer brilliance of this little innovation went to my head slightly (obviously this has been done before!), I thought I’d put together a small tutorial on how to make one. So here we go. Continue reading

Tutorial: Hand embroidery on clothes

What better thing to do on this part rainy, part sunny Saturday than to put together my first tutorial. Now, I am not in any way an expert in what I’m about to show you. But, I have tried and tested these methods, and am happy with the results.

I am very fussy about any kind of prints and embellishment on clothes that I wear. I don’t like when it’s OTT or when it’s too ‘cute’. On the other hand, I really like flowery patterns, so perhaps some people will think that’s an odd statement! Even though I’ve lived in the UK for almost 10 years, I definitely think that famous Scandinavian style, is firmly rooted in my sense of… er.. style. You know, clean lines, neutral colours, functional clothing…

Therefore, I find embroidery on clothes tricky. I’ve seen some beautiful examples out there, but also quite a few that looks quite ‘old’. But this is completely a matter of opinion. As we say in the motherland, tastes are like the arse, divided. Continue reading