Missoni fabric wallets

Long time no see bloggers. I’ve been pretty hectic recently with work, traversing the north of England by train and filming frontline NHS staff for a really exciting project we are doing with NHS England.

A quick word here about the British National Health Service. I cannot praise it enough. Over the past few weeks I have met men and women (midwives, physiotherapists, dentists, nurses and more) who see their jobs almost as a calling. They are so incredibly passionate about the jobs they do, and dedicate their entire careers to looking after patients in stressful and (more often than not) budget tight settings. I know many people have plenty of negative things to say about the NHS from a service user point of view – but I cannot help but think how fortunate we are, from an international perspective, to have this gigantic infrastructure of caring individuals looking after us. For free. Incredible. Also, if you do have negative things to say – they want to hear about it. Read more here.

Rant over.

As much as I do love my job, it has severely eaten into my sewing time over the past few weeks. I have however managed to make a couple of small purses, that I thought I’d share with you tonight.

My lovely friend Caroline gave me a huge batch of sample interior fabrics that she’d amassed while working for Missoni Home. I know right – it’s like the best present ever. I mean look at these colours!

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Moneta the second

I just couldn’t help myself.


I got this LOVELY (and dirt cheap) striped stretch cotton blend off Ebay – definitely a winner. It’s really light an airy and drapes really well. The Moneta pattern was a joy to work with the first time, and even more so the second time. Continue reading


Nettie 1When I started sewing, a bodysuit was probably farthest from my mind in terms of what I wanted to make. It never struck me what a great garment it is, until I saw Heather Lou’s pattern (total girl-crush on this cool lady btw). It really reminds me of my mum’s 90’s wardrobe – full of snap-crotch ‘bodies’, as she called them. I guess they were always a bit alluring – a proper ‘grown-up’ garment, to go underneath delicate silk blouses and snug, high-waisted trousers. Continue reading

Upcycling: Diamond embroidery

First of all – I continue to be amazed at all the Me Made May outfits that I have seen so far. The sewing community is kicking RTW’s ass, without a doubt. I haven’t bought any new clothes for quite a few months now in favor of spending money of sewing and actually making clothes that fit me – and #MMM14 definitely inspires me to keep this up.

Second – I’m really looking forward to the sewing meet-up organised by Rachel over at House of Pinheiro later this month. I decided to take part in the name tag swap she organised for the event, and was paired with the lovely Charlotte from English Girl at Home (don’t miss checking out her Etsy shop). I think we both managed to make some pretty sweet name tags! She basically created a mini-dress for me, and I love it. I was inspired by Charlotte’s love of Star Trek…

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Floral Moneta

This weekend has been, for the first time in a long time, not entirely dedicated to sewing. On Saturday we drove to Whitstable with some of my best friends and enjoyed an afternoon of oysters, fish and chips and getting burnt in the sun. Yesterday was a day of IKEA and DIY, after which I can say I have a sewing corner to be proud over (considering the small size of our flat…). We also went for a boogie at Ridley Road market bar – a slightly humid, tropical disco heaven with £5 Mojito’s, exotic birds and brown vinyl walls. As random as East London bars generally are. I can recommend checking it out.

I love bank holiday weekends.

But despite many distractions, I have managed to finish my first #SewingIndie month project: Collette Patterns Moneta dress.

Moneta 1

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Indie = special

 I’m clearly on to something here: Since starting writing this blog post yesterday, ‘Sewing Indie Month’ has kicked off! 

The other day I realised that out of all the pieces of clothing I’ve made since I started sewing, about 95% of the patterns have come from indie pattern designers. I’ve got I don’t know how many patterns from Burdastyle, Simplicity etc bookmarked on my computer, but I’ve never gotten round to making them. And I’ll tell you why. Continue reading