Sewing for small people: dungarees

I’ve recently discovered how incredibly fun it is to sew clothes for babies. I love making lingerie because of the teeny tiny pattern pieces (no lying and breaking your back cutting out massive PDF patterns and fabric pieces on the floor), and baby clothes are equally small and easy to handle. Also, making baby clothes as gifts for friends and family is pretty special and a lot of heart goes into it. Gifting handmade clothes is definitely more fun that RTW ones, and small clothes like this won’t break the bank.

Actually I think what I’m about to show you are my favourite pieces of clothing I have made yet.

Dungarees 1I’ve made two pairs of these adorable dungarees, using a free pattern that I downloaded from Love Sewing Magazine (the pattern is from Vanessa Mooncie’s book “Sew Adorable Classic Clothes for Boys and Girls“). It comes in three sizes, 6 months, 1 year and 2 years.

This first pair I made was for a dear friend who’s recently had a baby girl. I made the smallest size but it’ll still be a while before she can wear it! The fabric is a looooovely vintage fabric I picked up in a half-forgotten brick-a-brack/fabric shop my sisters, my mum and I came across last summer. I think it’s one of my favourite fabrics ever and I’ve used it for a couple of smaller projects, including a cover for my serger. The striped fabric I used for the pocket came from the scraps left over from making my recent Tap Shorts.

Dungarees 2Dungarees 3The second pair were a birthday present for another pair of friend’s little boy who turned one recently. The fabric is denim I had left over from making a pair of jeans last year. I also used some blue/white gingham to line the pocket. The buttons are from a stash of buttons that’s been handed down from my grandmother (via my mum).

I bought the little iron on rabbit (it’s actually got fur that you can stroke!) at the crafting dungeon/heaven that is Panduro Hobby.

Denim dungarees 1Denim dungarees 2Denim dungarees 3I can really recommend this pattern. It’s free for one, and it’s a very quick and easy make, with a very slick and professional looking finish.

Sewing for babies is the perfect stash buster. I’ve actually put together a Pintrest board with some other free kids patterns that can be used for the same purpose in case you’re interested. If you have any tips for other baby-related projects I can add, do share!

Happy almost end of the week! And congrats to myself for sticking with blogging fora whole two years. Tomorrow is my blogging ‘anniversary’ and I thought it deserved a mention :)

ps: I really hate that these two makes conform to the gender stereotype ‘pink for girls and blue for boys’ as I’m generally very against that. But I also wanted to make something the parents would like, and what can I say… I’m as conditioned to be drawn to these colours as everybody else. I’ll try to do better in the future!


10 thoughts on “Sewing for small people: dungarees

  1. That’s like the cutest thing ever!!! Oficially! I’m about to become an aunt – my brother will have a baby girl in June, and I’m so excited about making tons of adorable outfits for her! These dungarees will be so on my list! And now I’m off to your Pinterest board :)

  2. I can see why you’re so pleased with them, they’re so sweet! And congrats on your 2 years of blogging! I’ve down loaded the pattern now thanks. I subscribe to love sewing but missed that! 😃

  3. Love these! I will definitely make a pair or 3. And thanks for the link to your Pinterest board. Some good resources there. Ravelry has a few free sewing patterns that look good like a newborn kimono top (which I’ve sewn with good results) and a fleece sleeper (haven’t tried yet).

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