The lovely Maya

I am slightly overwhelmed at the moment by the recent cavalcade (I felt the need for a fancy word here) of amazing new indie patterns. I’m guessing it’s an autumn thing, but since I only started sewing clothes a year ago, I’m new to this shizzle.

Only in the past few days we’ve seen Grainline’s Linden sweatshirt (hells yes), Closet Case Files’ Ginger Jeans (I shall conquer my fear of sewing jeans, I shall!), Colette’s Dahlia dress (I’m hoping it will give me the killer curves I don’t have) and Katy and Laney’s Geometry Top (lost for words).

But, as much as I love all of these patterns, at the top of my list, without a doubt, I’ve had Marilla’s new pattern, the Maya top/dress.

We the sewing Maya Dress 2

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An Etsy adventure

Recently I made a conscious decision to really invest in my sewing. I love making, and after having made quite a few custom made accessories for friends and family recently, I realised that I really enjoy the design process as well.

So this, in combination with a need to earn some extra money whilst doing my MA, made me explore various ways of making money from sewing. I researched online platforms, marketing, pricing, and did a lot of thinking about what I would want to offer.

The end result I’m pleased to announce (slightly bleary eyed late on a Saturday evening) is the We the Sewing Etsy shop!


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