Spring (if we dare call it that out of fear that the winter god will get p’d off) has been insanely busy. I’ve had time to sew a fair bit, bit not much time for writing anything other than uni projects. But here we go.

Dan got me the Zinnia skirt pattern for Christmas and due to a severe skirt shortage I decided to crack it open. I love the skirt, but it wasn’t the most fun make ever because of the fabric….

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My good luck Archer

This week I finished my latest in a long row of Archer’s, and my first chance to use it was for a job interview on Friday. At least I’m hoping that it’s my good luck shirt. I’ll find out later this week. Damn it, I just jinxed it, didn’t I?

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One year on

I started blogging pretty much exactly 1 year ago today, and oh my how time goes by quickly. I thought I’d write a post to take stock of what I’ve achieved in my little sewing corner of the web.


I keep a ‘Make library’ spreadsheet where I list everything I make (my longterm memory is shite – we call it Alzheimer light in my family), what pattern I used, where I got the fabric etc… And having reviewed it I’ve realised quite how much I’ve made in the past year Continue reading