Eco fabric sources

This is a list of online shops where you as a sewer/crafter can buy sustainable material for your projects.

I first published a list of online organic/eco fabric shops here. But as I got such a great response with loads more tips for good online stores, I decided to dedicate a whole page it, making it a living resource that can be updated at any time. I also plan to expand it by including lists of online vintage fabrics shops.

Any tips for online shops that haven’t been featured here – send me a message on wethesewing (at)!

Eco fabric stores


  • Offset Warehouse: These guys sell 100% Eco fabric. Lovely website with great information (incl. video’s) about their fabric. They also have a great ‘get involved’ page where you can join their Offset Collective on LinkedIn.
  • Ray Stitch: Have a pretty good organic fabric selection – and what’s even better is that it’s the first category on the list of fabric types i.e. they are promoting it which is awesome. Does worldwide shipping.
  • Cloth House: Have a small selection of lovely organic cotton on their reasonably new online shop. Their shipping costs are pretty outrageous if you ask me, so hopefully the quality makes up for it!
  • Organic Textile Company: Huge range of Eco fabrics, all of it certified organic. If you want shipping outside the EU you need to email them.
  • Maud’s Fabric Finds: Sells only ‘eco friendly’ fabrics but not all seem to be organically certified. Great shop though with a lovely selection. They ship worldwide.


  • Lebenskleidung: 100% Eco certified textile company. You have to log in to see prices and to purchase anything which is a bit annoying, but otherwise they seem pretty good. Good selection and they ship to quite a few countries.
  • Siebenblau: 100% Eco certified fabrics. Really nice website which features photo’s of the production and print processes for some of the fabrics. Ships worldwide.


  • NOSH: A Finnish clothing and fabric design company that uses 100% Eco fabrics. Really cute stuff and pretty decent shipping rates to Europe and the US.



  • Stof og Stil: Has an Organic’ section on their site with a sort of decent selection of organic fabrics. It could definitely be better. Don’t seem to deliver outside Denmark.


  • Organic Cotton Plus: These guys are 100% organically certified down to their packing – pretty impressive. Awesome website and they deliver worldwide. Super decent pricing and a huge selection.
  • Spoonflower: Fabric printing company where you can upload your own fabric designs or buy custom made by other designers. Provide organic options for customers but aren’t 100% Eco. They have an interesting pagewhere they outline how they are working to avoid waste etc.
  • HoneyBeGood: 100% Eco fabric retailer with a really fab website. Only ships to limited countries outside the US unfortunately.
  • Eden Fabrics: 100% Eco with a nice but limited collection of fabrics. Not sure what their shipping policy is.
  • Cedar House Fabrics: Smallish fabric company with a lovely website and 100% Eco fabrics. Stocks a limited number of fabric designers like Cloud9, Amy Butler and more. Cute stuff.
  • Nature’s Fabrics: Family run company with worldwide shipping. Their website states that ‘most of their fabrics’ are organically certified.
  • At the bottom of the list because of their limited selection of Eco fabrics. Stock organic cotton fabrics that you can find here.


  • Simplifi Fabric: Lovely online shop with a good selection of 100% Eco fabrics, a lot of them produced in the US or Canada. Ships internationally.
  • Rawganique: Sells a very limited number of fabrics but their stuff is about how Eco and ethically produced it can get. All fabrics and grown, woven and knitted on site. They are also a self-sustainable farm and raise rescued animals. The real deal people. Read more about them here. Sell a wide range of products and provide worldwide shipping.
  • Efforts Hempwear: Sells hemp and bamboo fabric and clothing and also do wholesale. 35% of their products are made in Canada and everything is 100% Eco. They only seem to ship to the US and Canada which is a shame!

Vintage fabric stores

Coming soon

Blog posts about sustainable sewing

Coming soon

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  2. Hej Ingrid!
    Kul att hitta din sida! Jag har också testat att sy the Bantam vest från Merchant and Mills. Jag är 180 cm lång, bor i Malmö. Vore kul att höras!

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