Easter Marthe

Happy Easter guys! Am over in Sweden visiting family and the sun has been shining for a few days now. I’ve been impatiently waiting for spring for a few weeks already, so it’s nice to at least get a preview…

There are very few patterns that I tend to repeat. The Linden Sweatshirt is definitely one of those patterns (as you must know if you follow my blog…), and the Marthe Blouse from République du Chiffon is shaping up to be another staple. I love the silhouette, and the oversized shape works quite well on my 6ft frame*. Here is my latest ‘spring‘ version. We the Sewing - Easter Marthe blouse2I bought this fabric at Syfestivalen (“the Sewing Festival”) that I went to in Malmö a few weekends ago. It was my first ever sewing event, and I was a bit overwhelmed by the majority of quilting and novelty fabrics… There were however a few really cool stands, including a handicraft association from the south of Sweden focusing on wool embroidery, a glorious stand selling liberty fabrics and vintage patterns (that unfortunately my budget wouldn’t allow) and a a few other nice fabric stands. So in the end I came out of there with this viscose and a plan to make it into another Marthe.

I’ve realised that I generally don’t buy fabric these days without knowing what to make with it. It’s to avoid 1. spending too much money on fabric I don’t need and 2. a strategy that forces me to at least think about what I actually need in my wardrobe. And what I need at the moment are some nice tops that I can wear on a night out without looking like a bum next to my glam looking, RTW buying friends. Enter Marthe.

We the Sewing - Easter Marthe blouse6We the Sewing - Easter Marthe blouse7We the Sewing - Easter Marthe blouse5We the Sewing - Easter Marthe blouse4I made a few adjustments, same as last time. A total of about 5cm added to the length and a shoulder dart to deal with some gaping issues. It really is the easiest make ever.

Finally – a call out for all you other tall sewists out there… What are your favourite patterns? Ones that are particularly flattering for tall people, easy to adjust etc? Are there even patterns out there that come in tall and petite versions?

Project costs:

Total: £30(ish)

*Yes I’m a giant. My friends quite frequently call me Hagrid. Or BFG.

13 thoughts on “Easter Marthe

  1. That Marthe looks wonderful on you and goes with your lovely hair!

    I’m 5″11 and as a kid, I was called the Jolly Green Giant sometimes. (I am decades older than you so if you don’t know who that is, it was part of a commercial for canned/frozen veggies like peas and corn.) When I discovered sewing classes in high school I took to it like a little duck to water. I could at last make things that would fit my long frame.

    Now that I’ve come back to sewing (two years ago) my favourite patterns have been the Scout tee and the Hemlock tee as I’ve been able to adapt them to making dresses. I also like the Tova and now am wearing my new Marthe today, inspired by your post! There’s a company, SBCC, that caters to petites I think but I haven’t seen anything specifically for tall people.

    • I love your Nani Iro Marthe :) Thanks for sharing your nickname story! I hope it wasn’t meant to be mean. I was quite awkward about my hight when I was younger but I’ve definitely embraced it now. And like you, sewing is a blessing… I’ve never had any luck with the Scout,a nd the Tova came out really small on me. But maybe I should give both patterns another go! Thanks for all your tips :)

  2. Hagrid! That’s a bit harsh of your friends :)! This is so pretty on you especially with the fitted skirt. I’m 173cm tall and often have to add a few cm to hems and things. I’ve heard Knipmode draft for lovely tall Dutch and Scandinavian beauties like yourself….

    • I quite love Hagrid actually – the character is pretty awesome, so… :) Knipmode sounds interesting! I think I’ve discovered most pattern companies out there, and then suddenly loads more come out of the woodwork. Love it! Thanks for the tip dear

  3. Spring hasn’t come first to Italy but to Sweden and looks so lovely! I find it rather easy to adjust even petites pattens to tall … yup it’s a bit more work but if i really like the pattern and of course if it’s a good pattern…

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