Refashioners 2016: House moving chic

Hi guys! Loooooong time no see. I’ve been insanely busy doing all the things, which has unfortunately meant no sewing. In fact, as I write, my sewing machine is boxed up in storage together with all our furniture. But I’m hoping to sneak it out as soon as possible. The withdrawal symptoms are severe.

I did manage to put together my contribution for this years Refashioners however! You can see the result over at Portia’s blog (I have included step-by-step instruction on how I made them…). Below is a little sneak peak. Jeans/denim is great to work with, and I’ve used my dungarees to death since making them.

As always Portia has masterminded an amazing refashioning series – with stunning contributions from everyone taking part. Follow the party on #therefashioners2016 and find out about the community challenge here!


IMG_4066 IMG_4062