An Etsy adventure

Recently I made a conscious decision to really invest in my sewing. I love making, and after having made quite a few custom made accessories for friends and family recently, I realised that I really enjoy the design process as well.

So this, in combination with a need to earn some extra money whilst doing my MA, made me explore various ways of making money from sewing. I researched online platforms, marketing, pricing, and did a lot of thinking about what I would want to offer.

The end result I’m pleased to announce (slightly bleary eyed late on a Saturday evening) is the We the Sewing Etsy shop!


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Hand printed fabric = swapped

When you  move countries (or just move anywhere really), things tend to get lost. In boxes (so many, many boxes…). I’ve finally gotten my shit together and unpacked and made something with this beautiful hand printed fabric I got from Jen of The for Two. This was part of Marilla’s brilliant hand printed fabric swap last month. If you follow Marilla on instagram, you know that there has been plenty of hand print action going on.


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The comfy black dress

In my last blog post I complained a little bit about the Danes obsession with black slouchy clothes. Obviously when it then came to planning my own fall/winter wardrobe I ended up with with ‘slouchy, black dress’ at the top of my list. The assimilation has begun. Before you know it, by colourful summer makes have had to make way for an army of black stuff. I’m weak I tell you, weak.


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Shorts for the boy

I finally made something for my fella. Shorts – just in time for summer to be over. He did manage to wear them to Wollacombe beach in North Devon the other day, but I have a feeling that might be it as summer seem to have abandoned Northern Europe completely, replacing it with rather harsh, cold winds. For the past few days we’ve been camping with a few friends in the area. Beautiful, but pretty darn cold at night.

I’m pleased I managed to spring my iPhone camera on him whilst we were on the beach, as an organised photo shoot would have had him running for the hills (I think he’d rather I wax his legs).

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The problem with flowers

You can, surprisingly enough, have too many.

Flower Archer 1I bought this fabric on Goldhawk road a while ago. It had flowers, was pink (I’ve come to realise to my horror that this might be my favourite colour) i.e. what wasn’t to like? But when it came to making something, I was torn. I finally decided to make another Archer in an attempt to concur the über feminine fabric by making something masculine and practical. I’m not sure if it worked however.

Flower Archer 4

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Pledge time – making it official

DSC01630 My boyfriend gave me my first sewing machine in November last year. It feels like eons ago, partly because I’ve already upgraded to a new machine, but mainly because my sewing skills have improved so much since then. I started out sewing a lot of basic Christmas gifts (oven mitts, aprons..), and eventually moved on to making clothes when I felt I could actually sew a straight stitch, and follow sewing instructions. What had seemed like such a huge mystery, has since proceeded to unravel as I’ve gone from simple to more complicated projects (it’s so much easier than you think people!!). I quickly became familiar with the MANY brilliant sewing blogs out there, whom collectively taught me how to sew (yes, I pray at the altar of infinite wisdom that is the internet). And in January this year I came across the Seamless Pledge Continue reading