Inari dress

Traumatic make this one. Not making a muslin, coupled with me gaining a few cm on my hips and not realising (all thanks to a renewed faith in exercise) meant that when I first sewed this beauty up, it was pretty tight. The fabric being this gorgeous Nani Iro that I’d saved for ages to make something special with, made me have a bit of a meltdown. But thankfully the fabric has some give, and after reducing the seam allowance around the hips to about 1/4″, it worked out. Phew.
We-the-sewing-Inari-tee-3This is my first time using a Named pattern. I love their collections, but I find them to a bit too fashionable and hard to incorporate in my wardrobe. However, after seeing sooo many nice versions of the Inari being made up, I decided to give it a try. It’s very simple after all, and people were raving about the very thought out pattern construction. I really like the pattern, but I find the sizing is a little bit on the short and skinny side.  I sewed up a size 14 and lengthened the dress by about an inch, and still it’s a bit tight. But other than that, it’s a great fit. Especially love the shoulders and sleeves – it fits like a glove.

This dress is first up in a loong line of summer clothes I’m planning to make for a trip to Costa Rica over New Years. It’s the first time in about 4 years Dan and I are going on a “proper” holiday, and the first time we’re travelling outside Europe together. So incredibly excited. This is me imagining us lapping up the sun on the beach in Puerto Viejo…. We-the-sewing-Inari-tee-4We-the-sewing-Inari-tee-1We-the-sewing-Inari-tee-6We-the-sewing-Inari-tee-8We-the-sewing-Inari-tee-7This Nani Iro double gauze is so soft and comfortable to wear, I don’t really want to take it off. I bought it from Miss Matatabi but unfortunately it looks like she’s no longer stocking it. I’ve included quite a few detailed shots of the fabric – isn’t it glorious?

The quality of these photo’s is really bad. I only realised after I took them that I’d had my camera on some weird setting. Not a photography pro…

Project summary:

Total: £40


28 thoughts on “Inari dress

  1. The fabric is indeed gorgeous …. perfect for the dress which in turn is perfect for a trip to Costa Rica! I’m starting to really be a fan of Named… I like fashionable, I like the fit and the construction and I like their approach to diy clothing.

  2. I love it! I also really like Named patterns but struggle to picture my ordinary self wearing something so fashionable. This dress might be the thing that finally sways me…

    • I know exactly what you mean – I love seeing what other people make, I just don’t feel cool enough haha. Maybe we should just be brave and give them a chance?

  3. Awesome make! There’s no worse feeling than making something too small for yourself, but well done for ploughing through because when I have meltdowns I usually fling the fabric into my difficult project graveyard for a few months! D:

  4. I’m getting ready to sew up some holiday clothing and this is great inspiration! I have been following Named for a while…love their sense of style, but haven’t yet tried a pattern. Maybe the Inari is the one to try! Have a great time in Costa Rica wearing your beautiful dress!

    • It is a lovely dress and pretty simple to make. And despite my whining about the fit above it’s a really well made pattern. So give it a go! And thanks :)

  5. I love this! I’m heading away to Thailand for Christmas and I’m not sure I’m prepared for Summer wardrobe. BUT, just ordered this pdf yipppee so I’ve got 2 weeks to get sewing! I’ll size up too, thanks for the tip. I hate it when dresses cling to my hips in any way. Have a brill holiday! Hannah

  6. Looks great but I hear ya on the tight hips! I wore mine on the weekend and loved it but next version will definitely have a little extra stretch in the fabric I think! And I do believe you are cool enough for Named Patterns!

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