A tropical Watson swimsuit

This time in two weeks I’ll be on the beach in Costa Rica. Yep, just rubbing it in. It feels quite far away right now though, pre-Christmas and knee-deep in work. To keep my eyes on the prize, I’ve been sewing up a load of summer wear to bring on holiday (e.g. this Inari dress). This Watson swimsuit has been on my to do list ever since I got the fabric from Funki Fabrics back in April and finally I got to make it.

It’s actually the second Watson swim suit that I make, but by far the most delicious one.We-the-sewing-Watson-tropical-swimsuit-1I love the Watson bra pattern – I’ve made three underwear versions before (here and here) and they’ve quickly become every day staple pieces. The pattern is an awesome fit for a small bust. I didn’t make any revolutionary changes to adapt it to a swimwear bikini top. I just used 3/8″ and 1/4″ swim elastic instead of lingerie elastic and simply folded over the edges. I also sewed two layers of the fabric for the cups to make them a bit sturdier.

I bought the bikini hooks from Merckwardigh‘s Etsy shop. Oh and I used  Sophie’s brilliant tutorial to make the straps.

For the bottoms, I actually didn’t use the Watson pattern but this free knicker pattern from Indigorchid. Last time I made them they were a little bit on the tight side, so I decided to just wing it when cutting out the fabric pieces and just added a bit of extra seam allowance. This didn’t turn out too good – I’ve ended up with too much arse coverage which is not very flattering. So I need to do something about that…

But all in all I am pretty in love with the result. Love the colours of the fabric and the big Toucan bird. Because of the fabric pattern repeat it figures quite prominently… You can find the fabric here by the way.

We-the-sewing-Watson-tropical-swimsuit-3We-the-sewing-Watson-tropical-swimsuit-6We-the-sewing-Watson-tropical-swimsuit-4We-the-sewing-Watson-tropical-swimsuit-2We-the-sewing-Watson-tropical-swimsuit-7We-the-sewing-Watson-tropical-swimsuit-5Can’t wait to wear it!


23 thoughts on “A tropical Watson swimsuit

  1. Det är en fågel! (I’ve been learning some Swedish this week, so thank you for making something that I actually have an appropriate phrase for.) Your stitching looks incredibly neat – nobody will guess you made your own bikini. Have a lovely holiday!

  2. I’ve been waiting for this post since you showed the fabric on IG ;) I loved it so much back then that I actually bought it, too and made a swimsuit for my daughter. She loved it and so did I. That fabric is so awesome. Luckily I still have enough left to maybe make a bikini for myself next year, too!

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  4. I love this! The fabric is perfect. I am working on a swim version too, and am curious how you did it. Have a wonderful trip!

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