Sydney jacket

But first, a few inspiring things that have happened in cyber space in the last 24 hours or so.

  1. Did you read about Essena ONeill? The Aussie “lifestyle” blogger who had enough of the glorified life she promoted on social media, closed it all down and started a website, where she instead promotes things that she feels passionate about. She’s got some really good things to share – incl. the documentary ‘Fashion victims‘, and my favourite TED talk of all times, Amanda Palmers ‘The art of asking’.  Go girl, is all I’ve got to say.
  2. The Guardian published this interview with Amber Rose. A much needed article, if nothing else than for the sometimes frankly bitchy voice inside my own head.

Moving on to something considerably less ground breaking – my Tessuti Sydney jacket. Guys, it’s so warm and snug I might just never take it off. Oh and in the interest of full disclosure – I did put on make-up to take photo’s for this post. I did not look like this an hour ago. Also, I should really be sweating it out in the library right now, not blogging. But who’s perfect…We the sewing Sydney jacket 5I can’t emphasise enough how glorious it is to sew with boiled wool. It doesn’t fray – how about that? All edges are left raw, and most pieces are sewn together by overlapping the fabric pieces. I was a bit worried about making it look even, but the overlapping technique is easier than you think. And a project that seems quite complex is actually pretty easy and fast to put together.

I bought this boiled wool from Stof2000.  I originally got it for another project, so wasn’t counting on the darker side being visible, but I think it looks quite cool. I lengthened the sleeves by about 22cm. Making changes to the pattern was a bit confusing as the pattern pieces looked quite different to anything I’d worked with before. But with some helpful photo instructions from the ever so kind Ute and advise from other instapeeps, I figured it out.

As much as I like wearing long sleeved jumpers etc in the winter, I like the bulky effect the rolled up sleeves has. The only ‘negative’ about it is that I wish the jacket had some way of closing it. This thick fabric does not look good with a belt unfortunately. But I’ll live!

We the sewing Sydney jacket 6We the sewing Sydney jacket 1We the sewing Sydney jacket 4We the sewing Sydney jacket 7We the sewing Sydney jacket 2I am really liking Tessuti’s pattern. They use some pretty fun pattern constructions, and tend to make patterns that are a bit oversized and relaxed in style – which I like.

Project summary:

  • Sydney pattern – £4.50
  • 2.2m boiled wool – £33.50

Total: £38

27 thoughts on “Sydney jacket

  1. This could not be better. Now go study in style and with make up ;-))) I usually keep my jacket closed with my cross body bag or a big scarf around my neck.

  2. I was looking at this pattern a couple of days ago – your version of it looks great. I did think about the possibility of using a kilt pin to close it at the front when required.

  3. I’ve seen this jacket around a lot lately and have been wondering whether to give it a try. Yours look BEE-u-ti-FUL! The fact that there is a dark and light side to the fabric works really well with this design. It looks so scrummy and warm too! I will look around locally and see if I can find anything before diving online.

  4. Having just finished this myself, I agree it’s a great pattern. So nice to make something that I had no fit issues with. All the pattern pieces fitted together perfectly and I really enjoyed making it. Like you I wanted longer sleeves, but until it was actually made up, I couldn’t work out the construction of it. As it happens I like the version I have with the shorter sleeves and if I can find the right fabric ( love yours!) I will make again and give it full length sleeves.

    • Totally agree – great pattern. I had difficulties too – couldn’t figure out which end of the yoke and sleeve to lengthen – total block. Luckily I got good advise. Enjoy sewing your second one :)

  5. I love this jacket! I think I might just have to make one too, and I would definitely lengthen the sleeves also. The contrasting colours look great! Awesome links. Thanks so much for sharing :)

  6. What a lovely, elegant interpretation of the Sydney. I got the pattern last month for an Italian double sided felted wool. I wish it would finally get cold enough here in the North Carolina mountains to wear it! BTW Eileen Fisher includes yarn wrapped kilt pins with her garments in similar styles.

    • That sounds lush! I actually wish I’d made mine earlier. It’s too cold to wear it outside just on it’s own now. Thanks for kilt pin advise – will check it out :)

  7. hi Ingrid,

    I love love love your Sydney — I made mine with some boiled wool I had around — navy, and a kind of bring navy at that — so want to make another. How could you tell which boiled wool on the site you linked to has a different backing? I can translate the page to English but couldn’t see the front and back on the photos. Is there a magic word? I’m going to try to do your sleeves on my next one. I love yours so so so much. It’s my favorite yet! The wool must be thicker as it looks so plush and cozy. Ready for winter here in North Carolina (which isn’t really very cold most of the time!)


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