His and her hoodies

About a month ago we arrived back home in Sweden after a 6 month adventure in la Alpujarra in Southern Spain. Writing this post and editing the photo’s was a bit tough – I miss it so much already. The walks on the mountain, the clean air, the exercise from constantly walking either up or downhill (my arse will never look that good ever again…), all the amazing people we met. And that VIEW.

But being home is great too. I am working for one! Having spent the last 2.5 years mainly studying and travelling, a full time job provides some much needed structure. And money. But it definitely means less time for sewing.  So while my sewing machine is mostly sleeping soundly in it’s box, here I’ll be sharing some photo’s of two of the last pieces I made while in Spain: his and her versions of Burda 6718.
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Red Kelly

Where the hell does time go? It was just Christmas wasn’t it? We have two and a half measly weeks left here in the Alpujarras, and then it’s back home to Sweden. Back to work, finding a house and… reality. Bleurgh. Although moving slightly closer to civilisation will be nice. Closer to fabric shops if nothing else!

My latest project, the Kelly Anorak by Closet Case Patterns (love their rebrand and website overhaul by the way), was a slow project in every sense of the word. I took ages selecting the fabric and hardware, and for once actually made a muslin before sewing up the final product. And I am so ridiculously happy with the end result. kelly-anorak-1 Continue reading

My Black Gingers – a success story

My sewing projects are progressing slowly up here on the mountain. For obvious reasons, I didn’t bring a huge fabric stash with me from Sweden, so my projects tend to be well planned in advance and I’ve only bought fabric online for a few specific projects. So when I was cutting the pieces for my second pair of Ginger jeans and cut two front right pattern pieces, I cried like a pathetic little baby.

Karen over at Did You Make That published a brilliant list of fury inducing sewing f*uck-ups – and cutting out the wrong pieces with no fabric to spare should definitely be added to that list. I’m sure a lot of you know the feeling, and I was so close to just chucking the whole project in the bin after having spent ages on the floor cutting. But, with a low fabric stash (and also pretty limited funds to spend on sewing), I got over it and started thinking about solutions. Enter: Dylon Fabric Dye….

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Refashioners 2016: House moving chic

Hi guys! Loooooong time no see. I’ve been insanely busy doing all the things, which has unfortunately meant no sewing. In fact, as I write, my sewing machine is boxed up in storage together with all our furniture. But I’m hoping to sneak it out as soon as possible. The withdrawal symptoms are severe.

I did manage to put together my contribution for this years Refashioners however! You can see the result over at Portia’s blog (I have included step-by-step instruction on how I made them…). Below is a little sneak peak. Jeans/denim is great to work with, and I’ve used my dungarees to death since making them.

As always Portia has masterminded an amazing refashioning series – with stunning contributions from everyone taking part. Follow the party on #therefashioners2016 and find out about the community challenge here!


IMG_4066 IMG_4062

Easter Marthe

Happy Easter guys! Am over in Sweden visiting family and the sun has been shining for a few days now. I’ve been impatiently waiting for spring for a few weeks already, so it’s nice to at least get a preview…

There are very few patterns that I tend to repeat. The Linden Sweatshirt is definitely one of those patterns (as you must know if you follow my blog…), and the Marthe Blouse from République du Chiffon is shaping up to be another staple. I love the silhouette, and the oversized shape works quite well on my 6ft frame*. Here is my latest ‘spring‘ version. We the Sewing - Easter Marthe blouse2 Continue reading

Bantam love

I’ve found my favourite tank top – The Bantam Vest by Merchant & Mills. Oh yes. For a tall, wide-shouldered woman like myself, this top is pure gold. It’s got a racer back (never mind the fact that when I showed it to Dan, he said I looked like I was heading down to the gym to lift some weights), a very generous wide fit and length, all of which I like.

This is my first version which I approached like a wearable muslin. Like with this Wiksten tank I decided to make it out of an old vintage sheet, and make use of the beautiful embroidered details. Love the result.We the sewing, Bantam vest 1 Continue reading

Jac no. 2 and some autumn refashioning

Hi readers

Back to school really hit me right in the face. So to speak. After a really brilliant month of sewing action in August, any energy left over for making and blogging kind of dwindled. Two freelance jobs, an awesome internship and a lot of course work will do that to you. Don’t get me wrong – I am enjoying all of it, but my creativity needs brain space.

I have been sewing a liiiittle bit (try to stop me), focusing on adding a few warm pieces to my winter wardrobe. First up was another Jac shirt. I LOVE this pattern. It’s a super classy piece and the perfect oversized shirt. I’ve used my first one to death.

The fabric is another glorious striped cotton from Miss Matatabi. Very similar to my first one – I just think the old man style fabric fits the pattern really well. Here’s the result.

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Saltspring at a wedding

Last week my best friend Ida married Gaby, the love of her life. It was such a beautiful wedding, full of love. I got the big honor to be Ida’s witness which made it extra special for me. I also made the pink bow ties for their two little bridesmaids, their dogs Lily and Tinos! There were a lot of happy tears and lovely speeches.

And a dress! I felt like I needed to wear something special for the day, and when I found this insanely gorgeous fabric over at Blackbird Fabrics, I decided to splash out on postage. And here is the result.

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Spring (if we dare call it that out of fear that the winter god will get p’d off) has been insanely busy. I’ve had time to sew a fair bit, bit not much time for writing anything other than uni projects. But here we go.

Dan got me the Zinnia skirt pattern for Christmas and due to a severe skirt shortage I decided to crack it open. I love the skirt, but it wasn’t the most fun make ever because of the fabric….

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