Upcycling: Diamond embroidery

First of all – I continue to be amazed at all the Me Made May outfits that I have seen so far. The sewing community is kicking RTW’s ass, without a doubt. I haven’t bought any new clothes for quite a few months now in favor of spending money of sewing and actually making clothes that fit me – and #MMM14 definitely inspires me to keep this up.

Second – I’m really looking forward to the sewing meet-up organised by Rachel over at House of Pinheiro later this month. I decided to take part in the name tag swap she organised for the event, and was paired with the lovely Charlotte from English Girl at Home (don’t miss checking out her Etsy shop). I think we both managed to make some pretty sweet name tags! She basically created a mini-dress for me, and I love it. I was inspired by Charlotte’s love of Star Trek…

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So I thought I’d embrace the term ‘upcycling’.

Project: Mum’s old ‘I was funky in the 90s’, really comfortable silk shirt, that I could tell had the potential of becoming something an indie dude/dudette (note: it’s all unisex these days – which I am all for) in Shoreditch would wear. I happen to live in Islington, but who cares?

I mean, doesn’t this thing have potential?

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