Refashioners 2016: House moving chic

Hi guys! Loooooong time no see. I’ve been insanely busy doing all the things, which has unfortunately meant no sewing. In fact, as I write, my sewing machine is boxed up in storage together with all our furniture. But I’m hoping to sneak it out as soon as possible. The withdrawal symptoms are severe.

I did manage to put together my contribution for this years Refashioners however! You can see the result over at Portia’s blog (I have included step-by-step instruction on how I made them…). Below is a little sneak peak. Jeans/denim is great to work with, and I’ve used my dungarees to death since making them.

As always Portia has masterminded an amazing refashioning series – with stunning contributions from everyone taking part. Follow the party on #therefashioners2016 and find out about the community challenge here!


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Jac no. 2 and some autumn refashioning

Hi readers

Back to school really hit me right in the face. So to speak. After a really brilliant month of sewing action in August, any energy left over for making and blogging kind of dwindled. Two freelance jobs, an awesome internship and a lot of course work will do that to you. Don’t get me wrong – I am enjoying all of it, but my creativity needs brain space.

I have been sewing a liiiittle bit (try to stop me), focusing on adding a few warm pieces to my winter wardrobe. First up was another Jac shirt. I LOVE this pattern. It’s a super classy piece and the perfect oversized shirt. I’ve used my first one to death.

The fabric is another glorious striped cotton from Miss Matatabi. Very similar to my first one – I just think the old man style fabric fits the pattern really well. Here’s the result.

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Refashioners – my contribution

I hope you’ve been following the Refashioners over on It’s been so much fun to see all the different creations people have made out of their men’s shirts. Who knew men’s clothing held all that potential?

When originally invited by Portia to take part in refashioning a men’s shirt I planned to make a button down skirt. However, the shirt I got in the post was in no way big enough to cover my backside, so, I went with a top instead.

For more info on my refashioning process, check out my blog post on here!Refash results 2Here is the shirt Portia sent to me, and below are more photo’s of the result! Continue reading

#theRefashioners a.k.a sustainainable sewing fest!

refashion1 (1)Have you heard of the Refashioners? Organised by sewing mastermind Portia over at, it’s a month long sustainable upcycling marathon and challenge hosted on her blog. She invites a number bloggers to take part, and gives them the challenge to make something new out of an old piece of clothing. This year that piece of clothing is a men’s shirt.

I was one of the lucky few to be invited and without blinking I agreed to to take part. For me, this was a golden opportunity to: Continue reading

Upcycling: Into the woods

Recently I wrote about how my mum saved my (clothes lacking) ass by gifting me some old clothes she could no longer wear. Well, I have finally managed to do some upcycling work on one of the two dresses she gave me.

In my head, this photo session with my reluctant photographer/boyfriend was supposed to be more a ‘hey look at me and my multicoloured dress, it goes very well with these trees, doesn’t it?”. Instead it became a lot more ‘hey, I live in the woods in a small house and the animals and trees are my only friends’. My sincere apologies for that.

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Upcycling plans

Man I miss sewing. I am on lockdown at the moment until the end of May when I have a major uni deadline. I’m trying to squeeze in a little bit of sewing whenever I can, but it’s not easy.

I’ve also had a bit of a wardrobe meltdown, because for some reason all of my favourite jeans (that is two pairs out of the three RTW pairs I own) decided to die a sudden death of the ass-ripping kind. When you’ve pledged to make all your own clothes, have no time to sew and pretty much live in jeans, that is a bit problematic.

Luckily, this all coincided with my mum doing a major clear-out of old clothes she can no longer wear. After a visit I left with a whole suitcase full of lovely clothes including two pairs of jeans. Thank god.

In addition she gave me two of her favourite dresses. Hence this blog post….

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