Shorts for the boy

I finally made something for my fella. Shorts – just in time for summer to be over. He did manage to wear them to Wollacombe beach in North Devon the other day, but I have a feeling that might be it as summer seem to have abandoned Northern Europe completely, replacing it with rather harsh, cold winds. For the past few days we’ve been camping with a few friends in the area. Beautiful, but pretty darn cold at night.

I’m pleased I managed to spring my iPhone camera on him whilst we were on the beach, as an organised photo shoot would have had him running for the hills (I think he’d rather I wax his legs).

Jedediah shortsAlthough I reckon he got pretty into the posing after a few shots.  Continue reading

The problem with flowers

You can, surprisingly enough, have too many.

Flower Archer 1I bought this fabric on Goldhawk road a while ago. It had flowers, was pink (I’ve come to realise to my horror that this might be my favourite colour) i.e. what wasn’t to like? But when it came to making something, I was torn. I finally decided to make another Archer in an attempt to concur the über feminine fabric by making something masculine and practical. I’m not sure if it worked however.

Flower Archer 4

I’ve tried styling it in a few different ways to make it less OTT – what do you think works? Continue reading

Missoni fabric wallets

Long time no see bloggers. I’ve been pretty hectic recently with work, traversing the north of England by train and filming frontline NHS staff for a really exciting project we are doing with NHS England.

A quick word here about the British National Health Service. I cannot praise it enough. Over the past few weeks I have met men and women (midwives, physiotherapists, dentists, nurses and more) who see their jobs almost as a calling. They are so incredibly passionate about the jobs they do, and dedicate their entire careers to looking after patients in stressful and (more often than not) budget tight settings. I know many people have plenty of negative things to say about the NHS from a service user point of view – but I cannot help but think how fortunate we are, from an international perspective, to have this gigantic infrastructure of caring individuals looking after us. For free. Incredible. Also, if you do have negative things to say – they want to hear about it. Read more here.

Rant over.

As much as I do love my job, it has severely eaten into my sewing time over the past few weeks. I have however managed to make a couple of small purses, that I thought I’d share with you tonight.

My lovely friend Caroline gave me a huge batch of sample interior fabrics that she’d amassed while working for Missoni Home. I know right – it’s like the best present ever. I mean look at these colours!

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Nettie 1When I started sewing, a bodysuit was probably farthest from my mind in terms of what I wanted to make. It never struck me what a great garment it is, until I saw Heather Lou’s pattern (total girl-crush on this cool lady btw). It really reminds me of my mum’s 90’s wardrobe – full of snap-crotch ‘bodies’, as she called them. I guess they were always a bit alluring – a proper ‘grown-up’ garment, to go underneath delicate silk blouses and snug, high-waisted trousers. Continue reading

Madeleine skirt from Victory Patterns

I am so incredibly happy with this Madeleine skirt from Victory Patterns. I think this length is very hit and miss for someone who is 6ft tall, and of a ‘powerful’ build (my friends don’t call me Hagrid for nothing..) but thankfully it works. I was tooing and froing over what material to use, and finally settled on a really soft and lovely dark blue cotton twill that won’t be too hot to wear in the summer. I bought this together with some pretty golden buttons from Dalston Mill Fabrics.

I know I haven’t exactly been very creative my choice of colours for this pattern, but blue fabric with a dark yellow thread for the top stitch just felt like the obvious choice. I used some lovely vintage cotton fabric that I bought this weekend as pocket lining.

I really enjoyed sewing this skirt. The instructions were incredibly clear, and the only thing I struggled with was the waistband button hole, which was being a bit of a arsehole. Anyway, I got there in the end (at 1am last night…)! This is definitely a pattern I can recommend to other newbies like myself.

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Fabric shopping

That’s it. No more fabric this month. It’s either that or live off porridge…

Shopping clothes used to be my monthly guilty spend, but now that’s been replaced with buying fabric and haberdashery instead. I actually think being fabricoholic (yeah that word doesn’t really work…) is worse – you just have way more options than you have on the highstreet.

Today all my money went to Dalston Mill Fabrics and The Shop on Cheshire Street. It was my first time visiting both after reading about them on yes i like that. I was slightly overwhelmed by Dalston Mill Fabrics. It’s the kind of place where you need a LOT of time to look through the floor to ceiling high stacks, and a reasonable budget. I wanted to buy some wool fabric for my Madeleine skirt, but thanks to £17/m I quickly changed my mind and bought some really lovely cotton twill instead (£7.70/m).

I also got some knit fabric and lace for my Coco. I bought the pattern yesterday and am hoping to have time to get it done for the big Coco Party! I think it will have to be a top for me. A Coco dress would look near indecent on someone my height…

My favourite purchases of the day, however, is without a doubt from The Shop. I found some beautiful patterned silk (1.45 x 0.92 m) for just £6.50 which I think I will use to make the front piece of a top.

Silk fabric from The Shop on Cheshire street

Silk fabric from The Shop on Cheshire street

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Beginning: Miette skirt

It seemed such a huge task, sewing my first piece of clothing. Control freak as I am, I did tons of research and quickly, or should I say luckily, found my way to Tilly’s blog.  It contains such a wealth of easily accessed knowledge, and it’s definitely the the place to start for a beginner. Also, she’s so damn charming and engages her readers with what seems like no effort at all.

I decided to try to make her Miette skirt, with the help of a very thorough tutorial.

Miette Skirt Continue reading