Pledge time – making it official

DSC01630 My boyfriend gave me my first sewing machine in November last year. It feels like eons ago, partly because I’ve already upgraded to a new machine, but mainly because my sewing skills have improved so much since then. I started out sewing a lot of basic Christmas gifts (oven mitts, aprons..), and eventually moved on to making clothes when I felt I could actually sew a straight stitch, and follow sewing instructions. What had seemed like such a huge mystery, has since proceeded to unravel as I’ve gone from simple to more complicated projects (it’s so much easier than you think people!!). I quickly became familiar with the MANY brilliant sewing blogs out there, whom collectively taught me how to sew (yes, I pray at the altar of infinite wisdom that is the internet). And in January this year I came across the Seamless Pledge Continue reading

Totally Sew Bossy

I’m sure you all follow one or a few bloggers whom you really like. As in, you would love go for a pint or three with them, get merry and put the world to rights. Carrie over at Oh She Dabbles, is definitely one of those people. It’s just a little bit of a shame that she’s in Salem, MA and I’m in London. So for this very reason, I was so chuffed when she emailed me to suggest we do a Sew Bossy swap.


Sew bossy is an initiative started by Heather Lou over at Closet Case Files, to encourage us to make some sewing friends and also make a piece of clothing with fabric and notions someone else has chosen for us. Scary, but liberating is my conclusion.

A while after our email exchange (obviously I said yes), I got a very exciting package in the post. Continue reading

Sequins – a festival requirement

I sing in the kick-ass women’s only pop choir Lips. This summer we have two pretty monumental gigs coming up, Camp Bestival and Bestival – two pretty big festivals in the UK. Sadly I will miss be bigger of the two, Bestival, as I will be living in Denmark then (major sad face). But two weeks from now we’ll be rocking it out at Camp Bestival. Can’t. Bloody. Wait.

So.. the outfit.


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At a party a while ago, my friend Kate and I were talking about our recently acquired hobbies (my sewing and her jewellery making), and how we wanted to do more crafty stuff. After some more chatting, we came up with the idea of ‘Crafternoon’ – i.e. getting a group of friends together and doing some kind of organised crafting, and have some lunch. After some more sober chats and planning sessions along with Kate’s flatmate Amy, our plan was realised and and last Sunday about 10 of us got together to do Shibori tie dye and block printing in their garden.

Crafternoon 1

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A big week + a Liebster Award nomination

The past week has without a doubt seen a few life altering decisions being made. What is it you call them? Ah yes, milestones!

For the past few months, Dan and I have been walking around with our lives on hold, waiting… I applied to do a MA in social entrepreneurship at Roskilde University (Denmark) back in March, and I finally got my acceptance letter this week. So happy! And not only this, but Dan’s lovely bosses subsequently agreed to let him work remotely from Copenhagen, which is such a relief for us. So, mid August, we’re packing our stuff and leaving London for a life in the little Kingdom of Denmark. We have quite a few friends in Copenhagen, and absolutely love it there – so we couldn’t be happier. I’ve been in London for 10 years now, and feel it’s time to move on.

So, a lot of time has been taken up by planning, and then some more planning. I did however manage to do some work on the bodice of my lovely Flora dress.

Flora dress bodice Continue reading

Sewing: Time and money

The problem with becoming obsessed with sewing, it that it takes tiiiime. I’ve recently had a few nights where I’ve been at it until 1am, only noticing the time when I’ve ripped up the same seam 5 times and my boyfriend starts suggesting  that ‘it might be time to go to bed….’.

It’s also pretty darn expensive. I’ll write another time about all the stuff I have…. erm… ‘had’ to to buy for my newfound hobby. I’m dreading adding up the numbers, but I think it would be interesting to see how much the essentials , and also how much all the ‘nice to have’ extras cost.

Earlier this week, I posted a photo of my Madeleine skirt on Facebook and got a few comments from friends along the lines of ‘can you make one for me’? I would absolutely love to make clothes for people – and to charge for it. But my potential customers would have to consider the following: Continue reading

No we. Just me.

Pressure. Mounting. First post.

Hello blog world. Thank you for having me. Firstly, apologies for the slightly misleading blog title. It is in fact just me. The titles is a play on a the title of an Ayn Rand novel. Don’t worry, you won’t be force fed any libertarian or objectivist ideology here. I just like the book that’s all.

The blog title also reflects my feeling of having joined a bit of a club, since I started sewing. A big and vast online community where pattern is king, and no thing is silly enough not to make out of fabric. I love it.

It’s getting late, and I should stop writing before I make no sense what-so-ever. I will be back with something to say about actual, erm, sewing.