Red Kelly

Where the hell does time go? It was just Christmas wasn’t it? We have two and a half measly weeks left here in the Alpujarras, and then it’s back home to Sweden. Back to work, finding a house and… reality. Bleurgh. Although moving slightly closer to civilisation will be nice. Closer to fabric shops if nothing else!

My latest project, the Kelly Anorak by Closet Case Patterns (love their rebrand and website overhaul by the way), was a slow project in every sense of the word. I took ages selecting the fabric and hardware, and for once actually made a muslin before sewing up the final product. And I am so ridiculously happy with the end result. kelly-anorak-1I’d like to say that my choice of colour was influenced by the insane amounts if delicious vino tinto that we have consumed while in Spain…. and that would probably be correct, subconsciously if nothing else. Not being a huge fan of red red (if you know what I mean), I fell in love with this wine coloured cotton drill fabric that I found on Minervacraft’s website. I usually go for more neutral colours like blue or khaki for coats, but I convinced myself to go for something a bit more cheerful.

I also decided to follow Heather Lou’s instructions on how to underline the Kelly, in order to get as much wear out of it as possible in cold Scandinavia. I went for this brushed tartan cotton also from Minerva, which, while super pretty, isn’t particularly insulating. For the sleeves I used this shiny navy blue satin making it easy to slide your arms through.

I was debating whether or not to do a wide shoulder adjustment, but after making a muslin in size 12 graded to a size 14 in the hips, I decided to just go up a size to make sure I had enough room to wear a thick cardigan underneath. This was a good call, and I’m super happy with the roomy fit. The pattern itself is very generous around the shoulders which is perfect for my build. I also lengthened the sleeves 3cm, and the front and back pieces by 2cm.

I had two pretty unfortunate mishaps along the way. One annoying eyelet insertion and one accidental scissor snip along the back hood seam. Luckily some strategic embroidery sorted both disasters and tears were mostly avoided. You really don’t notice the mending unless you know it’s there.

kelly-anorak-3kelly-anorak-2kelly-anorak-5kelly-anorak-4kelly-anorak-6kelly-anorak-7My overall impression of this pattern is GOOD. As in seriously bloody good. I loved the construction of the zipper and especially the roomy pockets. Heather Lou constructed these from the perspective of a dog owner who carries around insane amounts of dog paraphernalia and I could not be more grateful for this! I also got to try a few techniques that were new to me. I flatfelled all seams and am amazed at how professional the end result is. More thanks to the brilliant pattern construction than my sewing skills I should add. All in all it’s probably the nicest and most professional looking  piece of clothing I have ever made.

If I make a second Kelly, I will probably copy A Ginger Stitch’s amazing waxed cotton version. Despite her warnings about the fabric being tricky to work with!

And making his modeling debut in this post is our new dog Bobby! We decided to adopt a second dog while in Spain, so Layla now has an adorable and annoying little brother to play with. Our 3500km drive home to Sweden is going to be fun haha! He’s a gorgeous 10 month old Bodeguero Andaluz who’s owner recently passed away. He had a great start in life, and is full of love. I’m sure you’ll see more of him on here in the future.

10 thoughts on “Red Kelly

  1. This coat looks super professional and I really like the wine colour – so cheery as you say!
    It looks like your new dog Bobby will be a bit hit with your blog and IG readers too.
    All the best for a safe journey back home to Sweden x

  2. I really like this version in red and tartan. The more I see of the kelly jacket the more tempted I am to sew

  3. Sent too soon!! To sew one myself. Deep pockets for dog bags is great and would be great for spring and autumn when my duffle coat is too warm!

  4. Beautiful! It wasn’t too fussy to flatfell everything? I own the pattern and am excited about digging in but there’s some fear there too!

    I think that red has more character than the traditional fire-engine shade – lovely choice!

  5. Gorgeous jacket, it looks like it just came off the (very expensive) Barbour rack! Beautiful photos as well. Congratulations on the new dog. He is also very photogenic, just look at that curved tail in the second and third pictures!

  6. GAH…..what a perfect Kelly you’ve created! I LOVE it! Difficult to put into words, but it has a RTW {in the best possible way} forever jacket vibe to it!

    And so nice to meet Bobby. His eye/ear patch is adorable….he looks like he has massive amounts of personality…sweet with a little mischief mixed in. :)

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