Zip up collar Linden hack

And my intense love affair with the Linden sweatshirt continues. I have lost count of how many I’ve made by now, but it’s enough to give my collection a dedicated 1/2  shelf in my wardrobe. Yeah it’s not a big wardrobe….

My latest Linden has been a bit of an experiment and involved some substantial pattern changes and some head scratching. Fleece-Linden-Sweatshirt-1Inspired by this gorgeous organic cotton fleece that I bought from HoneyBeGood, and a fleece jumper I already had but was looking a bit worn, I decided to go rogue with the pattern. Using the jumper I had for inspiration, I decided to raise the neckline, add a collar, exposed zipper (using this really helpful tutorial by Tilly) and zipper shield.

As I said, it took a bit of head scratching, and I wouldn’t call the result perfect. But considering that I didn’t bother with a muslin I am beyond happy with the result.

Other than adding a collar, I made my standard Linden changes. I generally make version A, and I go down two sizes on the measurement chart to a size 8 in order to get a snug fit. I also lengthen the sleeves.

I also used Portia’s brilliant split hem tutorial to add even more features (by the way, check out her recent sweatshirt inspiration feast!).

The fleece is suuuuper soft and so warm and snug to wear. Normally I shy away from light fabrics like this because I am a walking spilling disaster. I’m managed pretty well with this so far, considering that I’ve worn it on an almost daily basis since finishing it.
Fleece-Linden-Sweatshirt-2Fleece-Linden-Sweatshirt-4Fleece-Linden-Sweatshirt-6Fleece-Linden-Sweatshirt-5Making this was really fun because a) I decided to go out of my comfort zone and experiment a bit and b) I’ve had the idea for this hack brewing in the back of my mind since last summer. So, a complete catharsis project this one.

I’ve realised that while I feel that my sewing is largely without vision or plans, I do in fact end up making things I’ve thought about making for a while. I just need an idea to sit for a bit, and to gather inspiration from other makes out there (i.e. you!). I realised this when I took at look at my 2015 sewing inspiration board and noted that I had in fact made most of the things on there.

I mention this for no other reason than to give myself a pat on the back and to say that Pinterest is magic people!

Have a good start to your week!

Project summary:

Total: £30


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