After reading everyone’s brilliant new year blog posts reflecting over achievements over the past year as well as planning upcoming ones, I started looking over my own sewing in 2015. I had no intention of writing a blog post about it (as I did last year), but a few things prompted me to do so anyway…Beach

Shopping ban

First, I realised that as of this month, I haven’t bought any new clothes (shoes, underwear and vintage clothes not included) from RTW clothes shops in 2 years. That blew me away a little. I have been pretty tempted to at times, but ultimately I think my brain’s been reconditioned to just not factor in clothes shopping as an option (after taking the seamless pledge). I’ve just been so stubborn on the matter that it’s become normal to just think ‘I need to make that’ instead.

I imagine that most of my friends think I’m an annoying knob when I talk about it, in the same way I get annoyed when people go on about how little they drink or healthy they eat (wine and pizza being my staple diet). Obviously I am not judging anyone who shops for cheap clothes. Sewing takes a lot of time and passion, and ultimately it’s the big bad brands that are the environmental and ethical villains, not the consumers. Even though I think that responsible consumption could be a liiiittle bit higher up on everyone’s agenda.


My second reason for writing this post, was Carrie’s recent geek-out. She took her sewing stats for 2015 and turned it into a bunch of delicious graphs. So I decided to rip her off, hehe.

All in all I sewed 43 pieces of clothing this year. I’m always interested in seeing what kind of pieces I am making, and also what pattern companies I use the most, so that’s what I have focused on. I always think I make too few tops, which is kind of ridiculous looking at the following graph. Overall it’s a pretty good spread, and I am so proud of my jeans making journey which started with my Ginger jeans early last year.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 15.45.36Just like last year, Grainline studio comes out on top in terms of patterns most used. Just like in Carrie’s case, the overall pattern winner is the Linden Sweatshirt. A new favourite indie pattern company this year has been Tessuti patterns. I made a lot of Sydney Jackets and Jac shirts. Memade generally refers to pieces that I have upcycled, like this and this. All my Merchant and Mills pieces are Bantam tops from the workbook they released this year.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 15.45.24


Last year was also a lot about this amazing sewing community I’m fortunate to be part of. Portia invited me to take part in her Refashioners bonanza, and I’ve soooo thoroughly enjoyed chatting with all of you here on my blog and on Instagram. Women are usually each others harshest critics, but I see none of that here, only positive support. You are all awesome. I spent an hour trying to explain the concept of this epic ‘online sewing community’ to my sister the other day, but I think you have to experience it to understand.

Here’s to more of everything in 2016 xx

10 thoughts on “Achievements

  1. I feel the same about shopping – like it’s not even an option! Like I do with seeing meat dishes on a menu as a vegetarian – I get ‘blind’ to them. And 100% with you on the support from other sewing gals, it’s an excellent community to belong to.

  2. Bravo for your commitment! I share your point of view about reconditionning shopping habits in RTW. Once it is done, there’s no coming back. And it is much more easier than one could think. May I ask what’s the dress you’re wearing on the picture: is it Merchant & Mills’ Bantam in the longer version? It looks nice and cool. I’ve only made the Bantam top yet.

    • Thank you! And I agree – much easier than I thought it would be. Which is a relief :) It’s actually a Wiksten Tank dress that I made just before heading off. Unblogged. It’s a lovely and super easy make!

  3. What a productive year you’ve had. I think my fave of yours has been your Jak shirts (I have one cut out but prob won’t sew it until autumn) I haven’t quite gone the 100% no rtw (jeans!) but I’m not far off, and it truly doesn’t even factor into my wardrobe planning, like you! I actually start to feel quite overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff and options if I’m in a clothing shop!

    • I know, it’s crazy how much we end up making over a year! And I think I make a fraction of what many other bloggers out there produce. Totally agree with you re being overwhelmed in shops. Also that chemical smell makes me feel a bit ill… And you’ll be making jeans in no time! It really is so much easier than I ever thought. I want to brave coat making this year – that’s my mountain to climb. We can be each others cheer leaders ;)

  4. Gott nytt år! 43 pieces of clothing?!? Amazing! Totally with you on the shopping. I still buy the occasional bit of RTW but only from “ethical” companies (“” because there’s always some kind of compromise). The chemical smell in shops is horrendous! I foolishly mentioned it to an employee in John Lewis a while ago and got written off as a total nutter – of course he can’t smell it because he’s in there all the time. Brilliant that you’ve got the jeans-sewing down; I need to get on that this year because my jeans are all wearing out and the “ethical” options are way outside my price range…

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