Old mans Tap Shorts (and the Watson bikini in its true element)

What a holiday. Costa Rica is without a doubt the greenest and lushest country I have ever been to. We managed to squeeze in a lot of different destinations and activities in our two weeks, so if you want tips, shoot me an email. Couldn’t recommend it more! We’re still suffering (the word suffering to be taken lightly in this context) from jet lag and an aircon induced cold, so I haven’t really ‘landed’ yet but thought my long suffering blog needed some attention.

While on the most gorgeous beach in Puerto Viejo Dan took some photo’s of me wearing my tropical Watson bikini (in an appropriate setting so to speak) which I’ll share below. But the main star of this show is one of the last makes I made before heading off – a pair of old man’s Tap shorts. Also photographed on said beach.

(Please note that these photo’s are taken after a long walk through 80% humidity and with absolutely no styling whatsoever. Sweat, bad hair and slightly odd facial expressions is what you are getting.)


This is my second pair of Katy and Laney’s Tap Shorts. I love my first pair, but as they’ve become a bit snug, I decided to do a re-run. I went up two full sizes (to a 12) to get a really comfortable fit, and also lengthened the front rise by 1cm. The end result is a very large pair of shorts with a very long front. Hence calling them old man’s shorts.

They are very comfortable and perfect for travelling, but not the most flattering piece of clothing I ever made. I think they could do with some back pockets to create a bit of balance as they do make my arse look huge. But like I said, they are immensely comfortable so I consider them a win. The fabric is a lovely striped cotton twill from Stof og Stil.

The top is an old Sorbetto Top made out of some gorgeous vintage silk thrifted on Brick Lane years ago. All in all I reckon my holiday wardrobe consisted of 90% memade stuff which was so awesome. And thanks to my effort into making stuff for this holiday I should be all set for next summer too. Tap-shorts-We-the-sewing-3Tap-shorts-We-the-sewing-2

And here is the bikini – in the flesh. It felt a lot easier “posing” (ie trying to not look too awkward) in a bikini when a bit tanned and on a beach instead of on our balcony in Denmark in December.  Pretty sure it’s the most colourful thing I ever have and ever will make. Love it.

A bit weird posting photo’s of myself in a bikini on the internet. But then again, it’s just a bloody bikini.

IMG_2882 aIMG_2904-bIMG_2907-c


24 thoughts on “Old mans Tap Shorts (and the Watson bikini in its true element)

  1. The shorts, the top the bikinis look like they really belong in that gorgeous scenery …What a wonderful holiday you must have had… I hope readjusting to winter it’s not too traumatic ;) … on the other hand you do have some great news to make you feel like you’re “walking on sunshine” :)

    • I do indeed :) Well we went from 32 degrees to -7 so it’s been a liiittle bit hard to adjust, but we’re getting there. A lot of good memories to life on for a while…

  2. Love a good pair of comfy shorts, but let’s talk about that awesome bikini? Looks brilliant and I love the print you chose. Alas my bikini wearing days are over after having the kids (unless the bottoms meet the top), but I can dream ;-)

  3. Love all three of these. The silk sorbetto top looks so effortless paired with those shorts, and that bikini is rad! Love the big ol’ toucan on the bottoms. Also, congrats on your engagement. Sounds like it was a wonderful trip. :D

  4. You are making me wistful for summer! Wonderful colors and prints. I’ve been starting to eye the lighter and brighter fabrics in my stash… Speedy recovery on the jet lag!

    • Yeah it is nice to make for summer, isn’t it. Just a little bit more cheerful. But with snow on the ground I’m looking forward to some nice fleece projects that I have coming up :)

  5. Hi Ingrid. Sounds like a holiday from heaven! Congrats on your engagement – what a wonderful place to pop the question:)

    I have seriously watson envy after seing this version. It fits you perfectly and both you and the bikini looks awesome!

    • Thank you so much Mette! The Watson is perfect as a bikini. I didn’t use the Watson bottoms though, and I reckon I should have. Mine ended up with a bit too much coverage. But am not complaining too much!

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  7. Aaah a lovely resort collection! I like your shorts! I’ve been tempted by this pattern! I think your arse is fine but I know what you mean about having that expanse of fabric across there with nothing to break it up! Nice little combo and congratulations on getting engaged!

    • hahaha thank you :) I think pockets will happen at some point. It’s a great pattern – very straightforward to make and three pretty cool variations. Have tried two of them.

  8. Your holiday looks amazing and 90% handmade wardrobe – that is seriously impressive!! Love the top (gorgeous fabric) and I am in awe of everyone being able to sew underwear or bikinis!

  9. Really very nice! Having an almost completely handmade holiday wardrobe is great; I will make this my goal this year. Sewing summery stuff is fun!

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