A bit of a gamble

Hola sewers. A while back I bought this jacket/cardigan pattern from Lekala Sewing Patterns. They sell a wide range of patterns, which on first glance look pretty boring. Or, for someone used to the awesome styling of indie pattern companies, they do at least!  Their big selling point is that they have a nifty system whereby you create a profile, and upload your measurements, and a bunch of further ‘adjustments’, e.g. if your shoulder width is below or above average, arm length etc. So, when you buy a pattern, they send you a custom made one, based on your profile and god knows what kind of complicated algorithm.

It sounded a bit too good to be true, but as their patterns cost a pittance, I went for it.  I’ve been in dire need of a cardigan for a while, so I finally decided to sew it up. And people, IT FITS SO WELL. We the sewing lekala cardigan 1We the sewing lekala cardigan 2We the sewing lekala cardigan 3

The cardigan is fitted in the back, and oversized with a super dipped hem in the front. It comes with a waistband pattern piece that’s supposed to be attached in the side seam. I chose to sew it as a separate waistband instead so that I can swap it out for a belt should I want to. It’s a knit pattern, so a super quick project for the serger. The instructions are very basic (about half a page) with no illustrations, so I’m quite glad I chose a simple one to sew up.

The fabric I used is an incredibly synthetic (20% viscose, 80% polyester), thin quilted jersey from Stof og Stil. You can’t really see the quilted pattern in my photo’s so check it out here.

I think I’m going to get a lot of use of this one. I’m getting better at buying more basic coloured fabric which is a bloody good thing, since that’s what I normally wear.

The cardi also looks great minus the waistband by the way.

We the sewing lekala cardigan 4We the sewing lekala cardigan 6We the sewing lekala cardigan 7We the sewing lekala cardigan 5

If I find more Lekala patterns I like I might give it a go. It would be very interesting to try to make a fitted dress, as it’s something I’m not very good at making. Yet…

Have you ever tried Lekala’s patterns? Would love to know what you think of their method, and whether you think it works!

Project summary: 

  • Pattern – £2.5 (I kid you not)
  • 2.2m Fabric – £27

Total: £29.50

Finally. The gorgeous Laura Mvula to brighten up your Monday…..

13 thoughts on “A bit of a gamble

    • Ah sweet – thanks for that link! I LOVE the Valentines frock you made – really lovely. Good point you made about going back and printing out a revised copy, since the patterns are so cheap. Will have to keep an eye out for their new releases :)

  1. I haven’t tried a Lekala pattern but it sounds lovely to have it fit right without any adjustments! Your cardigan looks perfect – and super useful.

  2. That looks great, very stylish and great fit! I’m glad Lekala worked out for you. I’d like to try it when I find a pattern I like too, if it can fit my tiny shoulders/3-size-bigger hips I’ll be impressed.

  3. Oh!!! It’s super lovely. I’ve too wondered about Lekala but have got so used to the nurturing instructions and helpful diagrams of good indie patterns, I wasn’t sure I could even go there. But they have some great designs! Lovely pics too btw.

    • Thanks lovely! Missing your super inspiring blog posts. Know what you mean about instructions – I didn’t think I could make anything without a sewalong – luckily knit this knit pattern was easy pease :)

  4. That looks GREAT on you!
    I tried a lekala pattern a year or two ago, and my results weren’t great. Seeing this cardigan on you makes me think I should them another chance.
    :-) Chris

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