Lark Tee

Did I mention how much I love my serger? Yes, I did, but here I go again. As much as I love sewing with crisp woven cottons, there’s nothing like wearing soft figure hugging knits. And when blessed with a serger, the sewing process is so much more fun, and fast.

Having loved all of Grainline’s patterns that I’ve tried so far, I was very keen to whip up a Lark tee when it came out. I bought some amazing organic rib knit from Organic Cotton Plus, and went to work.


My size is always a bit tricky to get right. Wide shoulders, small bust, generous hips and a very long torso means I either decide to go large or get into a load of pattern adjustments. Being on the lazy side, I tend to go for the larger size in my ‘size range’ on the measurement table mainly because I don’t want tight shoulders. For the Lark tee I went for a size 12 which ended up huge on me, as the tee is designed to be quite loose fitting (yeah I should have figured that one out..). I ended up cutting off about 2.5″ in length, narrowing the sleeves by about 1″, and also shortening them by about 1.5″. 

I really like the pattern, but I think it’s designed to be a little bit too loose for my liking, which I will keep in mind in the future. I love the boat neck version and the fact that I didn’t need a neck binding for it (they are my nemesis). IMG_1744IMG_1760

With a serger, this took absolutely no time to put together (not taking into account the changes I made). Once I’ve nailed the pattern changes, I will hopefully be churning these babies out in no time.

Meanwhile my studies are still monopolising my time. In fact, this blog post is me massively procrastinating rather than preparing for an exam tomorrow… Wish me luck.


15 thoughts on “Lark Tee

    • Thanks! Yeah I might have to start doing the same. Often I’m so lazy with knits that I just leave the edges raw… But that might be just a little bit too lazy!

    • I hear ya! I love using my serger, but I’m not 100% I’m using it right. Especially sewing curves are a bit of a pain.. But other than that is’s so fast. And threading it wasn’t half as confusing as I thought it would be. I mean, it took a while, but the instructions kind of made sense. Hope you have fun with yours! Ps: that black/gold Laurel you’ve made is GORGEOUS

  1. It looks great still but I am obsessed with stripes! Have a look at the knipmode coco boat neck top (I blogged about it a few weeks ago). It has widish shoulders with the little triangle gusset pieces (I have narrow shoulders and my bra strap shows with that top) and is quite fitted. Being a Dutch pattern it’s drafted for lovely tall European ladies like you! And no neck binding – it’s a great construction method.

  2. Very nice! Can’t go wrong with lovely striped fabric and a Grainline pattern. Hope it doesn’t take long to work out the fit as it seems like a truly excellent pattern to have handy.

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