Jac no. 2 and some autumn refashioning

Hi readers

Back to school really hit me right in the face. So to speak. After a really brilliant month of sewing action in August, any energy left over for making and blogging kind of dwindled. Two freelance jobs, an awesome internship and a lot of course work will do that to you. Don’t get me wrong – I am enjoying all of it, but my creativity needs brain space.

I have been sewing a liiiittle bit (try to stop me), focusing on adding a few warm pieces to my winter wardrobe. First up was another Jac shirt. I LOVE this pattern. It’s a super classy piece and the perfect oversized shirt. I’ve used my first one to death.

The fabric is another glorious striped cotton from Miss Matatabi. Very similar to my first one – I just think the old man style fabric fits the pattern really well. Here’s the result.

IMG_1721IMG_1720IMG_1690IMG_1679IMG_1718The buttons were cute little purple-ish plastic ones from Stof 2000.

To keep warm, I’ve also chopped up an old jumper my mum gave me and turned it into a cardigan. It was on the large side and I knew I had to make some kind of adjustment to it. Since I was in need of cardigans that’s what I decided to make. I would never normally wear anything yellow, but this mustard went perfectly with summer ending and the trees changing colour.

I simply cut it down the front and added some handmade flowery bias binding on the inside. I’ve been wearing it pretty much every day. Actually thinking about it I should probably give it a wash… IMG_1660IMG_1672Portia really gave the upcycling bug after the Refashioners this summer, so I’m trying to keep it up. Thanks to Portia’s brill initiative little old me got featured in Simply Sewing magazine which was pretty monumental for me! Also, I loved the trousers Miriam made for the Refashioners community challenge. I’ll be sending her my contribution to the huuuge prize this week :)

6 thoughts on “Jac no. 2 and some autumn refashioning

  1. Mustard really is the perfect colour for a cardi I think – not too close to the face but enough to add some punch. And you know I love this shirt! I’m going to try printing my own fabric for my version…. Wish me luck!

    • Ah thanks lovely! I’ve been racking my brain on how to get more knitted cardis in my closet without having to buy RTW ones and this was a pretty handy solution!

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