Funky oilcloth apron

First of all, huge thanks to everyone who commented and contributed tips to my last blog post on where to source eco fabric for sewing. Many of you have done a lot of thinking about this which is awesome. I’ve decided that rather than the list becoming another blog post disappearing into scroll-down oblivion, to make it a permanent page on my blog. In that way I can update it regularly and add new resources that are interesting and useful (e.g. other blog posts on the topic, vintage fabric shops etc). Once it’s updated I’ll let you guys know!

Now this blog post is for everyone but my mum. If you know her, don’t spill the beans ok?

She asked me to make her an oilcloth apron for her birthday coming up. At a trip to Stof og Stil in Copenhagen I found this REALLY cool patterned oilcloth that I thought would be perfect for her – bold patterns and bright colours are completely her thing. The pattern repeat was a bit odd though, a gorgeous and huge circular patten with about 30cm gaps in between. So what do I do?

IMG_1037Well, as you can see in the photo, I ended up chucking any preconceived notion of what an apron should look like out the window, and simply cutting out the entire oval shape. I finished the edges with ready made orange bias binding, and created the neckband and waist ties with my remaining oilcloth scraps. Didn’t even bother cutting them on the bias, and it turned out ok anyway.

The shape works because the oilcloth is so stiff, it keeps the shape without wrinkling. I would not try this with regular fabric however.

Now the only problem with this apron, is that I want to make and wear it like a dress (back covered mind you)! But I hear oilcloth might get a little…sweaty.


Now fingers crossed she likes it.

And talking about birthdays – I am turning 30 on Monday. Shit-a-brick….

9 thoughts on “Funky oilcloth apron

  1. This is fabulous! The print is amazing- I bet your mom will love it! And I hope 30 feels good! Personally, my 30s have been much easier so far than my 20s… I feel much more comfortable with myself and a lot less angsty! Here’s hoping every decade is better than the previous for you!

    • Thanks! Not feeling that much different if I’m honest, but I totally know what you mean about angsty 20s. Things kind of fall in to place when you get out of it. So all good! And my mum did love the apron :)

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