Funky oilcloth apron

First of all, huge thanks to everyone who commented and contributed tips to my last blog post on where to source eco fabric for sewing. Many of you have done a lot of thinking about this which is awesome. I’ve decided that rather than the list becoming another blog post disappearing into scroll-down oblivion, to make it a permanent page on my blog. In that way I can update it regularly and add new resources that are interesting and useful (e.g. other blog posts on the topic, vintage fabric shops etc). Once it’s updated I’ll let you guys know!

Now this blog post is for everyone but my mum. If you know her, don’t spill the beans ok?

She asked me to make her an oilcloth apron for her birthday coming up. At a trip to Stof og Stil in Copenhagen I found this REALLY cool patterned oilcloth that I thought would be perfect for her – bold patterns and bright colours are completely her thing. The pattern repeat was a bit odd though, a gorgeous and huge circular patten with about 30cm gaps in between. So what do I do?

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