Meet Jac

Wrinkly as hell, I’m sure you can tell that I’ve been wearing this a lot (high five to whoever can spot the strawberry stain). But this is how I wanted to photograph it – well worn and loved.

We the sewing Jac shirt 1The Jac shirt pattern from Tessuti Patterns was just what I had been looking for – an awesome oversized and comfy, grandad style shirt (with a twist). The angled side splits were really fun to sew and a new technique for me, as were the split sleeve hems. The shirt is a dead easy make with a really neat finishing. Since it’s oversized by default, I didn’t bother with any changes to the pattern. I made mine in size L as I wanted it to be… well, large, and I’m super happy with the fit.

Jac was my first experience sewing Tessuti and I can really recommend it. The pattern was lovingly hand drawn and the the instructions simple but very clear. Their patterns are clearly aimed at a slightly older target audience which is nice (most indie pattern companies are very ‘young’). I actually bought the pattern to make a shirt for my mum – she loves it as much as I do.

The fabric is this lurvly striped cotton from Miss Matatabi (am obsessively going through her Etsy shop on a daily basis). You might have spotted Ute’s Anna in the same fabric during the #internationalannaparty on Instagram. I chose it because it fit quite well with the whole granddad look. And it’s got a lovely soft feel to it. The buttons are bronze coloured plastic ones from Stof 2000.

We the sewing Jac shirt 4 We the sewing Jac shirt 3 We the sewing Jac shirt 2In these photo’s the shirt is paired with my beloved Ginger Jeans which is the most worn garment in my wardrobe at the moment. Am already planning to make a few of these shirts – have a feeling they will be what gets me through winter, paired with a comfy jumper.

On another note…

  • I was SO chuffed to be selected to the #internationalannaparty shortlist! The most amazing compliment I’ve had since I started sewing. Seriously. However, there can only be one winner and Hannah was such an incredibly worthy one. What a stunner.
  • I’ve never sewn a Big Four pattern yet except for Burda (I know – very weird) – but I might have to follow in Lauren’s steps and make the McCall’s 6252. The ruffles got to me.

Project summary

  • The Jac shirt pattern – £5
  • 2m fabric from Miss Matatabi – £17.5 (incl. delivery)
  • Notions – buttons and thread: £4

Total: £26.5


27 thoughts on “Meet Jac

  1. I just made this pattern recently and I love it too – I think the side seam details really add something extra and it’s great with jeans or smarter trousers for work. Love your stripey fabric!


    • Totally agree. Even though it’s oversized it’s not bulky and boring. Just took a peek on your blog – love your sheer version! Also – the collar stand is always my least neat bit of shirts. Will check out Four square walls tuorial too. Good tip!

  2. I’ve been noticing tessuti patterns lately and glad to have your review to encourage me to try one. Your shirt looks delightfully comfy!

  3. I didn’t pay much attention to this pattern from the product images but it looks amazing, & nice to hear that it’s also straightforward to make. I was also tempted by Lauren’s 6252 – those amazing ruffles!

  4. This shirt is so stylish, Ingrid! It really suits you. How nice to have such a classic outfit all you-made. By the way, make sure you get McCall’s 6*9*52 – 6252 seems to be fleece lounge-wear for everyone including the dog…!

  5. What a nice shirt! I had never considered this pattern before but you’re making me reconsider. I really like those offset side seams.

  6. I’m so glad you made this shirt as it made it take a long hard look at the pattern. Yes, I bought it. It looks so good on you! I have a piece of light linen (camel & white striped) that I think would be perfect for this.

    Looking forward to seeing your Tokyo jacket!

  7. Great make! I really really like this shirt; made one in linen & wore it so much during my holiday. Might make another, more dressy version for work; stripes like your version or even polkadots.

    • I actually spotted it when searching for Jac inspiration on Instagram – gorgeous! Am planning more stripes as well. Miss Matatabi has loads of vintage looking ones that I’ve been eyeing up….

  8. Now I want to deconstruct my Anna and make Jac! It does indeed look like the perfect shirt. I have not seen many Jacs before and I am definitely considering that pattern now. I am wearing my Bantam with the other striped cotton from Frances right now ;)

    • No – don’t you dare. That Anna is glorious. Have been checking out M&M book A LOT. Is it worth getting it? Am on the look out for the perfect top pattern – perhaps the Bantam is it? x

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  10. I love it when makers photograph their makes after a few wears. I love seeing the wrinkles and the wear. The pattern is beautiful and I like your fabric choice as well!

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