A pink Anna

Have you ever felt a bit smug as a sewer? Like when you’ve finished a project and you’re just SO chuffed about the fit, the fabric and you can’t wait to show it off?

Well, I am pretty darn smug today. This dress is without a doubt the nicest thing I’ve ever made for myself. This is largely thanks to the fabric which I absolutely adore. And the Anna dress was perfect for it. IMG_0364Altering bodices is definitely not my favourite thing (I always have to do a pretty significant SBA), so after 3 semi ok muslins I just went ahead and made the dress anyway. And after some additional changes as I was sewing that were definitely not ‘by the book’, the fit just clicked. Even the insides look pretty with french seams everywhere except for the zipper/centre seam in the back. 

This fabric is from the infamous ‘man outside Sainsburys‘ on Walthamstow market. I bought it for about £8/m I think, which is quite expensive for his stuff. Worth every penny. It’s silky smooth, and delicate – but not so delicate that I breaks easily when sewing. It’s some kind of shiny polyester. I’m really bad at remembering fabric names, so if anyone has a clue to what this is, let me know!

I sewed a size 14 bodice and graded it to 16 in the hips. Quite a big size for me, but I’m glad I did it, as the fit is nice and loose and super comfortable. For a stiffer fabric I’d probably go down in size. 
IMG_0417IMG_0405IMG_0347IMG_0451Oh and this is my entry to the #internationalannaparty. The party starts this evening and will pull an all-nighter until tomorrow. Instagram is going to be flooded with Anna’s for sure.

Project summary:

Total: £32

24 thoughts on “A pink Anna

  1. It is absolutely beautiful and a perfect choice for this fabric. I know it, because I had it too (and unfortunately it’s really a bad fitting blouse I made from it so I am a bit jealous of your make). But I am pretty sure it is Viscose and not Polyester.

  2. So gorgeous and you definitely deserve to feel smug! I love your fabric so much. The colours and the drape look perfect and kind of vintage, but fresh! xxx

  3. Please feel very very smug! You are glowing! Those touch of neon are so cool! And the fit really looks great, congrats! I am looking forward to dancing with you tonight!

  4. Really lovely fabric. I made this pattern, but never liked it on me. It’s perfect on you. Now you have such a great fit, it will be worth making another.

    • And I’m pretty sure I will. Funnily enough I wasn’t sure it would work on me either. Have you tried any other of the By Hand London gals patterns?

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