Upcycling: Into the woods

Recently I wrote about how my mum saved my (clothes lacking) ass by gifting me some old clothes she could no longer wear. Well, I have finally managed to do some upcycling work on one of the two dresses she gave me.

In my head, this photo session with my reluctant photographer/boyfriend was supposed to be more a ‘hey look at me and my multicoloured dress, it goes very well with these trees, doesn’t it?”. Instead it became a lot more ‘hey, I live in the woods in a small house and the animals and trees are my only friends’. My sincere apologies for that.


In terms of upcycling, my changes to this dress were pretty minimal. I removed the sleeves, and moved the waist up about 1.5″. The biggest change I did was remove quite a lot of the fullness of the skirt. This meant loosing the pockets unfortunately, but I’m happy I did it as the tight gathers made it look a bit too girly.

I really love the style of the dress on me. My mum and I have exactly the same build, so it’s no wonder that her clothes fit me well. I’m thinking about making the same changes to the white/yellow striped version of this dress she gave me, but dye it black or maybe dark blue.



IMG_5579I know I’m ranting a lot about upcycling on my blog at the moment. Sorry guys, but there’s a whole lot more to come….

Project summary:

  • Dress cost = nil




13 thoughts on “Upcycling: Into the woods

    • Haha, I wish! I live in a concrete block of flats in a Copenhagen suburb. Were friends who have a glorious summerhouse by the sea in southern Sweden :)

  1. I love this dress on you! And your minimal changes make me feel better about the minimal changes on my shirt for the #refashioners ;)

    • Thanks lovely :) Can’t wait to see what you made – what everyone’s made! Worries my project is going to be a bit boring, but hey ho. So fun to be part of a creative project like this that’s sponsoring sustainability :)

  2. this is such a gorgeous dress- how convenient that you have a similar build to your mum! I’m excited about the Refashioners posts to come – these kind of posts are a great boost to get on with sorting out my own refashioning pile!

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