Alder by the sea

I’m always raving about how much I love Indie patterns, and here I go again. My friend remarked the other day how I always make really ‘modern and cool’ pieces (thank you very much!). I think this is all thanks to almost exclusively making clothes using patterns designed by smaller independent designers, who design really current, but also timeless pieces.

The Alder dress is no exception.

We the Sewing - Alder dress 5
We’ve just spent a few days by the sea at a friend’s summer house. It was a lot of hanging around chatting, napping and eating. No internet. Layla discovered the pure joy of running through sand dunes. It was glorious.

I took the opportunity to take some photo’s of the dress while we were there – a nice change to my usual white wall back drop. Man I hate posing in public, but it is worth it…

This dress is my first attempt at making the Alder dress, and it’s a so called ‘wearable muslin’. I made a straight size 12, and didn’t bother changing the length which I usually do. I’m really happy with it, even though there’s a constant risk of indecent exposure… But it also works great with jeans so that’s fine.

We the Sewing - Alder dress 2

We the Sewing - Alder dress 4We the Sewing - Alder dress 3We the Sewing - Alder dress 1

The fabric is a really crisp cotton fabric that I’ve had left over from my ‘Walthastow market’ shopping days. I wasn’t quite sure what to make with it as it’s very flowery. I thought I might use it for a By Hand London Victoria blazer, but decided it would be better as a dress. The buttons are really basic plastic ones purchased at Stof2000.

I’m really late jumping on the Alder bandwagon, but better late than never. Needless to say, I love it, as I have all of Grainline’s patterns so far. Next up is a collar less version using a gorgeous Naniiro fabric from Miss Matatabi. I splashed out on a few fabrics from her Etsy shop recently and am really looking forward to a few weeks of making.

Finally – have you heard of the #InternationalAnnaParty? I must be completely OUT OF MY MIND never having made one before, so the initiative is useful a kick up the butt. Anyone else joining?

Project summary:

  • Alder dress pattern: £11
  • Fabric: £10
  • Notions incl. buttons: £3

Total: £24


20 thoughts on “Alder by the sea

  1. Loved how you talked about the “constant risk of indecent exposure” :))
    This lenght looks great on you. I am so envious when I see girls wearing even shorter dresses and not worrying at all. All I think when I wear a similar dress I have that’s a bit relaxed and sort of short: “don’t raise your arms”.

    • Haha, glad someone can relate! I am pretty tall, so it’s a very common problem for me. Next Alder will definitely be lengthened by a few inches…

  2. This turned out so cute!! Can’t wait to see your Nani Iro version. I’m making an Anna dress right now, my fifth (!) so o guess I’ll be joining the party!

  3. (Found your blog through your post about the Shirt Dress pattern) I love this pattern! And I hear you about the indecent exposure problem. I know from experience that being a tall girl is a pain in the neck in the summer when all you want to wear is a short dress. :)

    • Thanks Becky :) Normally I take photo’s hidden away on our balcony – it’s great but a bit boring. Sounds lovely to have a garden – even though the neighbours might have a peek!

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