Upcycling: Sheeting

I apologise for the pun. It’s not even a good one. If you are confused and have no idea what I’m talking about – I made a top out of a vintage sheet. A Wiksten tank top, no less. Seen here paired with my Tap Shorts that I made last summer (mental note to make more).

DSC03549I am a big fan of the Wiksten tank pattern, and have a made a few pieces (including this glittery dress!). The Wiksten tank fits me really well, but I’ve just realised looking at these pictures that the straps might be sitting a bit too high up on my shoulders. Hmm… not sure. What do you think?

My mum recently gave me a boxful of white vintage sheets that she’s bought at flea markets over the years, a lot of them with beautiful hand made lace finishing and embroidery. I thought this one would fit beautifully as a hem detail. Obviously I had to give up the curved hem of the Wiksten tank, but I think it looks nice! It could have been a little bit shorter, or even cropped – might try that next time.


DSC03530The sheets are also amazing as muslin fabric – just made one for my first ever Anna dress today using less than a sheet.  By the way, check out #internationalannaparty on instagram! Three lovely ladies (Ute, Pips and Elle) have organised a Anna dress sewing party using the powers of instagram – and it sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Which is your favourite tank top pattern by the way? Marilla wrote a great post on the Sew Over It silk cami (how amazing are her prints!!) which inspired me to try it out last week. The sizing was very strangely completely off though, and my top ended up being too small. I’m sure I got the seam allowances wrong when french seeming or something, so will give it a go again. Which is you go to pattern?

Hope everyone’s been enjoying a lovely summer so far!

18 thoughts on “Upcycling: Sheeting

  1. Oh no, now I feel bad!!! I hope you can sort your sew over it muslin… This looks great though and I love that your mum has passed on all her collected sheets to you. They may make some awesome dye/print experiments. Maybe compare the wiksten and sew over it pattern pieces to see where the sizing may be off and make some changes from there?

    • Oh definitely don’t feel bad! It’s a great shape – just a bit tight. Also have a sneaky suspicion it’s time to measure myself again. Have been a lazy student for a while which means I’ve probably put on some weight :) Comparing the pattern pieces is a great idea!

  2. What a gorgeous hem detail, those sheets must be amazing! I can’t imagine ever putting that much time into hand decorating a sheet. I feel like that lovely lace will finally get the exposure it deserves on your tank instead of on a bed. I’m not a huge tank top wearer but if I were to make one I’d definitely try the Wiksten, people really seem to like it.

    • Thank you!! And no, me neither – I think people just treasured things a lot more back in the day. And invested in better quality stuff. Can really recommend the pattern! :)

  3. I love vintage textiles, so much that I have to restrain myself from buying them without a purpose! You made great use of the lace and white is just perfect for summer. I’ve made a couple attempts at turning my bodice block into a tank, and I think it’s almost there – just need to raise the neckline a smidge.

    • You way of doing it is probably the best to ensure that you get the perfect top! Haven’t braved drafting my own blocks yet, but getting more and more tempted! Look forward to hearing about your result!

  4. This is basically my ideal tank top (in my former pre-sewing life, I snapped up any and all white lace shirts I could find)! I wish my mom had a collection of white lace trimmed sheets!! And my favorite tank pattern is probably the Megan Nielsen Eucalypt – although I am going to try a True Bias Southport tank hack soon, so we’ll see if that changes!

  5. My Mum also had a selection of nice linens, including some made (crocheted edges like on your top) by her mother in the 1930s. Such beautiful items that we rarely use as table cloths etc. So making them into clothes is a great idea. The little top is nice.

    • Hahaha! You’re not the first one. A child pointed at the other day and made a sheep sound. Thanks for sharing that photo – that top is absolutely stunning. Definitely inspired me to look for vintage table cloths! And finally – loved your post on Fashion Revolution Day. It’s such a good initiative.

  6. I love it !!! It is the perfect top over those shorts. the lace with his 1800 vibe and the contemporary vibe of the shorts and top cut creates such a nice contrast – yup I love it … And because I have the previous comment under my eyes as I’m writing this I can’t stop and have to ask you what breed is your dog – looks like a smaller version of a borzoi (my favourite breed ever)!

    • Thanks dude!! Layla is a Podenco, a Spanish dog bred to hunt rabbits :) We adopted her earlier this year and are already completely in love. Do you have a Borzoi?

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