Saltspring at a wedding

Last week my best friend Ida married Gaby, the love of her life. It was such a beautiful wedding, full of love. I got the big honor to be Ida’s witness which made it extra special for me. I also made the pink bow ties for their two little bridesmaids, their dogs Lily and Tinos! There were a lot of happy tears and lovely speeches.

And a dress! I felt like I needed to wear something special for the day, and when I found this insanely gorgeous fabric over at Blackbird Fabrics, I decided to splash out on postage. And here is the result.

Saltspring dress Front We the SewingI was too busy at the wedding to bother with photo’s, so these were taken by Dan on our balcony, as usual.

Since the fabric was so beautiful on it’s own, I wanted the dress design to be relatively simple, hence my choosing the Saltspring, which is quite a casual dress. It was a lovely pattern to work with, and I only stumbled when I got to the zipper at the back. The rayon fabric was really fiddly, and I found some of the instruction a bit vague. But I got there in the end. It doesn’t look perfect, but hey ho! I’ve realised that I’m not a huge fan of spaghetti straps – I think a more sporty look with wider straps suits me better.

As you can tell I made the straps ‘normal’ adjustable ones, instead of the ones you tie in a bow. I also added 0.5″ to the bodice, and 2″ to the skirt. Other than that, I didn’t have to make any grading or pattern changes, I was a straight size 10 which was niiiiice. For once.

Saltspring dress Back We the Sewing

Saltspring dress Front 3 We the SewingLayla helperLayla helped out at the photo session, as per usual.

All in all, am pretty darn pleased! And it was a smashing wedding. Next up on the agenda is a bunch of upcycling for me. And OMG how distracted I have been over the past few days by Miss Matatabi on Etsy. I see some Nani Iro in my near future people…

Project summary:

Total: £32.50




15 thoughts on “Saltspring at a wedding

  1. A beautiful dress Ingrid. Such a pretty fabric and that silhouette perfectly showcases it.
    The wedding looked lovely.
    I have just finished a few re-fashioning projects and I have more to blog too. Just need to get around to it as work is a bit crazy at the moment.
    Hope your college studies are coming along nicely.

    • Ah thank you lovely! I have totally been eyeing up your refashionings. It’s bee great inspiration in fact! Will be posting some as well soon.

    • Thanks Lindsay! The leaves were a lucky fluke actually. I was really tempted to make a Flora dress with the fabric – maybe that could be something for you?

  2. Dude, for such fancy fabric £32.50 ain’t bad for a wedding frock! Nice one! Said it before but I’ll say it again- it’s a lovely dress, made lovelier by your fabric choice and looks super lovely and Summery on you!

    • This is VERY true. It was more the thought of having fabric shipped from the other side of the world that felt extravagant. Also, when I lived in London I rarely went over £5/m thanks to Walthamstow market! But it was totally worth it :) And thank you for the lovely compliments :)

  3. Love love love your Saltspring! And your zipper looks great despite fiddly-ness (that’s why I leave it out! haha too much work!). And adjustable straps are a great idea!!! Perfect wedding attire (I wore my last one to a wedding too!)!

  4. that is truly an insanely gorgeous fabric … the dress looks beautiful on you and I hope you had lots of fun at the wedding … congrats to your BF

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