Two piece or too much?

Ah blog, how I’ve missed thou. Or rather, I’ve missed frivolous things like sewing as opposed to writing on my essay (50 pages and counting…). Here is one of my more… crazy outfits.

Dan and I binged on the last few episodes of Mad Men last week (I cannot get over what an amazing show it’s been) and suddenly thanks to the glorious Joan, I knew exactly what to make with this jersey I’ve had in my stash for ages. An OTT two piece (and I’m clearly thrilled about it).

DSC03370I’ve had a few ideas, including using the fabric to make another Moneta, but decided instead to use two self drafted patterns in my stash – one tight pencil style skirt with a really simple elastic waist, and an oversized top. The top is very similar to the Hemlock tee, but I drafted my own after realising that the one-size original wasn’t even the slightest oversized on me, haha. I also drafted mine with a dipped hem in the back.

Anyway, these were perfect projects to squeeze in whenever I needed a break from staring at my screen. Also, I’ve secretly been longing for my own two-piece setacular since Sophie’s party last year and all the amazing outfits that kept popping up…

Dan isn’t a big fan of the OTT aspect of this outfit, but I like it. It’s like I’ve suddenly got the brilliance of the 80s revival, just a few years after everyone else…



I’m also really pleased about making it into a two-piece because of the versatility of it.  The colours of the fabric go really well with a surprising amount of stuff in my wardrobe.

The top paired with a pair of jeans:

The skirt paired with a nice top:

DSC03410What do you think? Nice colourful outfits for summer, or too much?

Project summary:

  • Patterns – self drafted
  • Fabric from Walthamstow market: about £8 as far as I can remember…

Total: £8




8 thoughts on “Two piece or too much?

  1. Wow, this is such a versatile outfit! All combinations look fab, but I particularly like how the floral looks against the block colours of the purple top or denim jeans. Brilliant way to sneak some sewing around your course work. Xxx

  2. Both looks are fab. Loving the over the top nature of the two-piece for a bit of glamour. Yet the sheer versatility of the separates make it a capsule wardrobe winner!
    Good luck with your assignments. I now how if feels having to put fun things on the back burner after my dissertation last September. It’s soooooo good when you hand it in though x x Keep those fingers typing!

  3. I like it both ways together and separate. Personally I would wear it together in summer you can still wear it separate once the weather gets colder

  4. I love everything about this!! That fabric is beautiful and I love how versatile the two pieces are!

  5. Love it both as a dress and as separate pieces. I am also working on (procrastinating really) on a dress and I keep thinking about making a skirt and two different tops for it. That might be too much maybe :) This is just awesome!

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