Upcycling plans

Man I miss sewing. I am on lockdown at the moment until the end of May when I have a major uni deadline. I’m trying to squeeze in a little bit of sewing whenever I can, but it’s not easy.

I’ve also had a bit of a wardrobe meltdown, because for some reason all of my favourite jeans (that is two pairs out of the three RTW pairs I own) decided to die a sudden death of the ass-ripping kind. When you’ve pledged to make all your own clothes, have no time to sew and pretty much live in jeans, that is a bit problematic.

Luckily, this all coincided with my mum doing a major clear-out of old clothes she can no longer wear. After a visit I left with a whole suitcase full of lovely clothes including two pairs of jeans. Thank god.

In addition she gave me two of her favourite dresses. Hence this blog post….


Rather than only relying on making everything myself, I want to become better at fashioning, or ‘upcycling’ clothes that I buy from vintage shops, get given etc. Oh how I wish I had the imagination of Lillian over at Refashionista.

Anyhoodle. My mum gave me these two lovely dresses that she has worn to death, really sad that they no longer fit her. The multicoloured one she bought second hand ages ago, and when she was in India a few years ago, she had the striped yellow one made by a tailor because she loved the fit so much.

We-the-sewing-upcycling-dressesAs beautiful as these have been on her, I’m planning to make some changes to fit my style a bit better. The skirt and bodice currently meet on the hip, which doesn’t look great on me. So I’m going to shorten the bodice and re-attach the skirt so it sits at the waist instead. I might also shorten the skirts a bit, and remove the sleeves on the yellow dress.

Very simple changes, but that I think will make a huge difference. I think both will look really cute to wear with a belt and sandals in the summer. Watch this space.

What have you, or are you planning to upcycle?

9 thoughts on “Upcycling plans

  1. Those sound like some pretty exciting projects! I love upcycling clothing. I’m currently planning to remake a few wayward blouses. I’m so sorry to hear about your jeans. That’s the worst. If you’re patient you can fix them with mid-weight fusible interfacing and sewing over the entire hole. Here’s a tutorial from my site: http://sweetpotatoseamstressing.com/?s=Denim&submit=Search

  2. Oh my god those dresses are gorgeous! So lovely to think that you can make them work for you and love them as much as your mum obviously has. I hope your uni work goes to plan and that you get some down time at the end of this month! Xxx

    • Thanks Marilla!! Yes they are aren’t they! Really grateful she gave them to me. Now fingers crossed the end result is good. Am going to do SO much sewing once this term is over, can’t wait :)

  3. They are lovely. I am looking forward to their new re-incarnations on you x
    Today I just bought an awesome 1980’s gathered skirt for £15 that is FULL ON crazy print. It has a tiny waistband so I will do a total re-cut into another skirt.
    I’ve also altered a few hemlines on things recently and they are waiting to be hemmed this weekend – trying to squeeze them in before the end of May x

    • Nice – sounds like fun! :) It’s quite nice not making things from scratch sometimes! Look forward to seeing it on your blog! x

  4. I have quite a few pieces I’ve made that I’d like to refashion but it never sounds as fun as working on something new! Good luck with your schooling and your refashioning :)

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