Linden x 2

First some distressing news. I have been using my seam ripper wrong THIS WHOLE TIME. It’s been a tough morning, but I think I’m ready to move past it now.

The weather in Denmark is glorious at the moment, which has made me want to make clothes in happy, sunny and colourful… erm… colours. And as part of my sewing plan this year, I have been working on some more basic garments. Enter: more Lindens.


I’m sorry guys, but there just aren’t any surprises on this blog at the moment. These are my 4th and 5th Linden sweatshirts, and there might very well be more to come. I did go down from a size 12 for a size 8 in these, just to get a more snug fit, which worked really well. The raglan sleeves saves you from having to do so much grading and pattern adjustments, which is glorious.


Apologies for some pretty boring (and badly ironed) pictures. I have a day of studying ahead of me and am therefore refusing to get out of my PJs.

I have expanded my 2015 sewing plan Pintrest board with some pretty new things I want to make. My most exciting discovery this month was the Jac shirt by Tessuti. I’ve been looking for the perfect oversized shirt pattern for a while, and fingers crossed this is it. Am planning one for me and one for my mum in nice summery fabrics.


18 thoughts on “Linden x 2

  1. Aha, yes, it just occurred to me a few weeks ago that maybe the red blob was for protecting the fabric… If your stitches are quite tight, though, and especially on knit fabric, you can still accidentally rip a hole in your fabric even when you use the seam ripper the right way. Very nice Lindens, and I’m with you on sewing basics – all about underwear and jogging bottoms here at the moment.

    • Very true – I guess always be careful. It just looks so much easier with the red blob turned down. And I was convinced I was doing it the right way! Jogging bottoms sounds like an excellent idea :)

  2. I can’t even think how I use the seam ripper now, I’ll need to check next time I use it to see! I love all your linden tops & really love seeing basics sewed up as it’s pretty much all I sew right now. These two are gorgeous! Enjoy the sunshine!

    • Thank you!! :) BeforeI’d forget all about basics and just make pretty things, which I realised was quite useless as my day-to-day wardrobe is very casual!

  3. I’ve got Linden #4 on my sewing table right now! Love both of yours. And there are quite a few things on your pinterest that I wouldn’t mind sewing for spring!

    • Cool – looking forward to seeing it! Without Pintrest I don’t know how I’d remember all the cool makes I find out there – such a great platform.

  4. Wow, apparently I’ve been using my seamripper wrong all this time as well! Love your new Lindens and I can totally understand the addiction – I just finished my first Linden and there will be more. Many, many more :) The striped version is gorgeous, so summery!

    • haha, yes. It was a major ‘doh’ moment for me :) Was so convinced I was doing it right as well. Hope you post a picture of your Linden on your blog or Instagram!

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