Spring (if we dare call it that out of fear that the winter god will get p’d off) has been insanely busy. I’ve had time to sew a fair bit, bit not much time for writing anything other than uni projects. But here we go.

Dan got me the Zinnia skirt pattern for Christmas and due to a severe skirt shortage I decided to crack it open. I love the skirt, but it wasn’t the most fun make ever because of the fabric….

DSC03213Viscose is amazing to wear (so light and breezy – perfect for summer), but a pain to press, I think. It behaves like a stubborn three year old kid who does whatever it wants to do. But thanks to the mental flowery pattern on the fabric, I didn’t bother folding and pressing the hem, placket etc with too much care because any messiness wouldn’t be too visible. That strategy mostly worked out…

I am very happy with the result, even though the waistband is a tad bit too tight. Well it fits great in the morning, and less so at night, haha. I am definitely one of those who expand throughout the day. I think I’ll just add another button just below the button band to avoid some suspicious gaping.

I did a hand stitched rolled hem which, tedious as it is, is also very satisfying. It’s also quite hard to mess up.



I want to make some Colette Pattern Savannah tops to go with it for summer! I’ve also been eyeing up some nice sandals over at asos.com…

The fabric is from Stof og Stil (you can buy it here) – standard these days – as are the pink buttons. I think they are my favourite thing about this skirt. Apart from the pocket! The pocket was actually fun to make despite the unruly fabric – it’s such a cute design, and a first for me in terms of construction.

I love trying to sew new pattern features but I think I need to push myself more in this area. I’ve got a Hollyburn skirt fabric all cut and ready to go, but I’ve decided I need to line it and for some reason I can’t get my arse into gear and just figure out how to do it.

Any easy skirt lining tutorials out there, let me know!


And yeah, sorry. Dan asked me to channel my inner princess when we took these (don’t ask). Turns out my inner princess is a flashing one. DSC03175

Finally – thank you for all your lovely comments recently. That job I applied for didn’t work out, which was annoying. But it actually worked out better in the end so it clearly wasn’t mean to be :)

Project summary:

Total: £19


23 thoughts on “Zinnia

  1. Hey I really like the pink button detail too and your pocket looks cool too. Sorry to hear about the non-job but I think things usually have a way of turning out OK in the end! Looking forward to seeing your Savannah tops in the next couple of weeks. Are you planning on taking part in MMM15?

  2. Lovely skirt, I’ve made a few viscose tops, but not a skirt yet. I imagine its soft floaty-ness would make you feel very feminine. I’ve found that lots of steam when pressing viscose helps. And in terms of lining your Hollyburn, I’d really recommend Sunni Standing’s free zipper techniques Craftsy class: http://www.craftsy.com/class/mastering-zipper-techniques/178 – there’s a lesson on zips in lined garments and she shows you how to get a really neat finish.

    • Hi Alex! Yes, it’s a very soft and lovely fabric. Perfect for a dress really – maybe I’m just a bit impatient. Thank you for recommending the Craftsy class! I’m yet to try something on there, but this sounds like a good start. Hope you’re good :)

  3. Your skirt looks so airy and drapey–so perfect for warmer weather and maybe even some twirling. Sorry to hear about your job situation, but I’m glad things worked out better in the end.

  4. I too am feeling the pull of skirts as spring arrives. Zinnia is on my list, as is another Victory Madeleine. There’s just something about that length that feels right at this time of year I guess. I love the fabric you chose for this! Prints are so much fun, and when they’re small like that they almost work as a solid — the best of both worlds!

  5. I love it! The flower print is lovely and works so well with the pattern! You really inspire me to finally get that pattern out and make my own zinnia – it’s been on my to-sew list way too long!

  6. Lovely fabric and the skirt suits you very well. I’m working on a Hollyburn skirt at the moment, but unlined. Isn’t there a lining included in version 3 of the Zinnia pattern? Maybe you can adopt that.

    • That’s a pretty darn good idea actually, will check it out. Don’t know why I have this mental block for linings… Looking forward to seeing the skirt!

  7. cute cute cute !!! Love the pink buttons and the pocket is so nice I haven’t noticed it before… I’ve only seen the side pockets versions.

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