One year on

I started blogging pretty much exactly 1 year ago today, and oh my how time goes by quickly. I thought I’d write a post to take stock of what I’ve achieved in my little sewing corner of the web.


I keep a ‘Make library’ spreadsheet where I list everything I make (my longterm memory is shite – we call it Alzheimer light in my family), what pattern I used, where I got the fabric etc… And having reviewed it I’ve realised quite how much I’ve made in the past year.

  • I have sewn 37 pieces of clothing for myself, covering everything from jeans, to dresses, tops and lingerie. And god knows how many accessory pieces.
  • The overwhelming winner in terms of pattern company used is Grainline Studio. The Linden and Archer patterns have definitely become staples in my wardrobe – and I haven’t finished yet with more of each in the pipeline.
  • Interestingly enough I have only used patterns from Indie Pattern companies, except for a Burda Pattern that I used to make my new years dress.

I have also written quite a few posts. 53 to be exact. What have I been writing about?

  • Well, predictably mainly about the pieces of clothing that I have made. Which sewing blogger doesn’t? It’s fun to get feedback from other sewers and indulge an interest in sewing which literally NONE of my ‘normal’ friends share. I am a lone reed*… Well, not so much on the internet.
  • Together with Carrie I organised a Linden sewing swap which was a huge success. It was amazing to see how many people responded to it. I’ve also taken part in quite a few swaps (here and here) that other people have organised. Keep swapping people!!
  • I’ve written two tutorials, my embroidery on clothes one being without a doubt my most popular blog post to date. This is really fun for me, seeing as I wasn’t quite sure what the hell I was doing when I wrote it! But I take it as a sign that I should keep sharing, haha.
  • Before leaving London I organised a crafternoon with some friends which I blogged about (see photo of crazy looking me tie dying above). So. Much. Fun.
  • I’ve been featured on Kollabora’s blog which was great.
  • I wrote about how sewing my own clothes has had a positive impact on my body image. I meant every word.
  • And last but not least, I introduced my Etsy shop!

I have a few readers too. It’s hardly a lot if you compare with many other (much, much better) sewing blogs, but all in all I had about 19,000 views last year, with the numbers steadily increasing month by month. All this does is tell me that I’m contributing to the online sewing conversation, which was my aim with this blog all along. We the sewing…

And what are my objectives with blogging going forward?

  • I want to continue contributing. I’m planning to share a few tutorials on how to be creative with fabrics, and some more inspiration on how to embroider clothes and accessories.
  • I want to learn more. I just checked, and I follow 142 (!!) sewing and craft blogs through Feedly (and probably twice as many sewers on Instagram). They provide such an incredible database of knowledge and inspiration. It’s really not strange to think that I’ve manage to teach myself to sew simply by reading other blogs.
  • I want to connect more with other sewers. Blogs, and Instagram, are both insanely pleasant ways to interact with people, and in a way, also to get to know them. I would have never guessed. I think this is partly why I only buy Indie Patterns. The brands they build up simply by being themselves on social media and interacting with their customers really builds social capital and networks. More of them please.
  • And I want to keep motivating myself to keep up my Seamless Pledge.

If you’ve made it all the way to the end of this incredibly self indulgent blog post – I salute you. And thank you for being one of my readers.

Ingrid x

*Hat off to anyone who spotted this You’ve Got Mail reference

13 thoughts on “One year on

  1. Congrats! I keep one of those spreadsheets as well; how else to keep track?! Especially details like where the fabric are forgotten quite quickly.

    I have been thinking about taking one of those pledges as well; maybe a part-time pledge? Not sure if I am able to sew jeans and (eek!) tricot shirts at this stage… Maybe a part-time pledge combined with only buying he rest sustainably? Hmm, food for thought.

    Keep on going! I like this blog of yours!

    • Thank you! :) And yes, I say dive in and take the pledge. Basically you are ‘allowed’ to buy second had clothes, but I reckon you can make up your own rules to fit you. Even if it’s something you work towards it’s pretty awesome to have the possibility to be self-sustainable (I mean, minus the making of the actual fabric…) when it comes to clothes and fashion! Keep blogging anyhoodle :) Ingrid x

      • The idea of having complete me-made wardrobe deffo appeals to me; but yes, it doesn’t need to happen overnight. Stuff to think about.

  2. It is so inspiring watching you grow in confidence and seeing your creative approach to sewing. You are definitely a contributor to the sewing community and here’s to another great year! Xxx

    • Thanks Marilla! It’s been lovely to get to know you! And super exciting with all the patterns you’re making. Here’s to another good year :) xx

  3. Really lovely post, I love reading about the progress people have made and where they want to take their blog next. Happy I found your blog! And you’ve done an impressive amount of sewing in a year! Hannah

    • Thanks Hannah! I’m the same so that’s why I thought I’d write a little summary – glad you found it interesting. You guys do some really cool stuff btw! Ingrid x

  4. Love this post! It’s nice to take a step back and take stock of accomplishments, especially when it seems like there’s always SO MUCH MORE TO DO. Thanks for the inspiration :)

    • Thanks Dani :) And yes, there is always more to do haha. I have a long list of my ‘to make’ as well, so I don’t forget that either. Lovely blog btw!

  5. What a great year you’ve had, making a lot of clothes and having your own style. Plus it’s fun to see other Swedes in the sewing blogging community :)

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