The truly elementary Watson bra

This was fun guys. It was so much fun I made two.

As comfortable as us Scandi’s are flashing bare skin (in the sauna mind you), the lacy/racy nature of these prevented me from modelling them myself. So you’re going to have to take my word for it when I say that they fit sooooo well.


I bought two bra making kits from Merckwaerdigh after hearing about the shop from Malin (Oh My Green Darling). They didn’t have quite what I wanted available in the Etsy shop, but after I emailed through a request, Margreet was more than happy to email me photo’s of the stock from which I could pick and choose. The lace is so soft and easy to work with, and all the elastics were all long enough. The rings and sliders she includes are plastic, so in case you have your heart set on metal – purchase elsewhere.

For my black lace kit I went for view B, since the scalloped lace wasn’t wide enough for view A’s cradle (non-sewers reading this – just give up, this post is not for you…). Because I used the lace for the cradle in combination with quite a firm powernet for the lining, it was borderline too snug around the rib cage. But after a day wearing it, it’s perfect.


My white kit came with a gorgeous white lace and a white, slightly striped lycra fabric, which I decided to use for the cradle and band pieces. The combination looks.. a little bit weird. But I like weird. And the lycra feels like a second skin.


I think I prefer the black one of the two, mainly because I think the model fits my shape better. But I’m sure I’ll wear them both to death.

Since my scalloped lace only had two-way stretch Amy kindly suggested I go up a cup size when making these (I asked a question on her blog which she answered super promptly), which was definitely the right decision. I could have gone up a band size for the black one, and down for the white one (the stretch differed that much), but all in all it doesn’t matter too much.

Also, if you’re thinking about making version A and only have a 2-row hook and eye – despair not. I was in the same situation and decided to go for it – and it works. No wonkyness – just a slightly different look in the back.

I bought the Secrets of Sewing Lingerie recently, and after making these I definitely feel more confident biting into the patterns in there.

Finally – the name. When naming her pattern, Amy was inspired by Elementary and Lucy Lui’s role in it. I am a big Sherlock Holmes fan, whether it’s the books and short stories (read all of them a few years ago – it took me a while..) or a TV show. I love that they took some liberty in Elementary and turned John into Joan. And her style/clothes are s.p.o.t. o.n…

Pattern summary:

Total: £32.20

25 thoughts on “The truly elementary Watson bra

  1. Finally found your blog to follow! Okay, your Watson’s are the tipping point for me. Off to hunt for lingerie supplies on Etsy. Both totally utterly divine!

  2. These look beautiful!
    They are both more beautiful than anything I’ve seen in stores. I especially love how you matched up the lace (so perfectly) on both cups of both bras!

    • Aw thank you – lovely compliment :) I wasn’t quite sure how to lay out the pattern pieces for the black one but I think it worked out quite well. The good thing about using scalloped lace it that you always get that beautiful border as well!

  3. They look amazing – well done! I’m keen to give this pattern a try – lovely shape. Just need to build up the courage to sew with four way stretch..!

    • Thanks Trin :) I actually made these with a scalloped lace that only have two-way stretch. I just went up a size and it worked fine. But an planning in 4 way stretch – will let you know how it goes :)

  4. These look amazing! Will definitely have to give it a go. I’ve just looked at the pattern and love that they can be used to make bikinis too… I think I know what I’m spending my summer break doing xxx

  5. They’re ever so nice- I can see why you wanted to make two!! I’m in the throes of my first bra- the Marlborough- but I must say I’m loving the small scale of bra sewing! Must try getting a kit I think!

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  7. Wow, they look so nice!! I’m going to make my Watson bra this afternoon, with a black lace + nude lining.
    Can I ask, is the book you mentioned “the Secrets of Sewing Lingerie” worth to buy? I want to buy it, because I fell in love with lingerie making… but I’d like to hear some options about it. Are the patterns great? What about the discriptions?

    Thanks!! :)

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