Tutorial: detachable wrist pincushion

Who doesn’t need one? Last night I started looking into various online versions of wrist pincushions, and figured that if I add a bit of velcro here and there, I can make one that’s a little bit more versatile.

Here is the result. Basically, you can either use it as is, on your wrist OR remove the actual pin cushion and use it on it’s own. But I’m pretty sure you got that part.

Detachable-pin-cushion-tutorialBecause the sheer brilliance of this little innovation went to my head slightly (obviously this has been done before!), I thought I’d put together a small tutorial on how to make one. So here we go.


  • Fabric for the pin cushion
  • Fabric for the wristband (or you could just use a wide enough ribbon – about 4 cm – as I did for the above version)
  • Button for decoration (optional)
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Matching thread
  • Stuffing for the pin cushion (e.g. quilting wadding, fabric scraps)
  • Velcro, ca 7cm long piece  (ideally in a colour matching the fabric – I had to make do with white below)
  • Fabric marker
  • Scissors/rotary cutter
  • Something round to use when tracing the pincushion fabric pieces (I used a small weight – see below)

We the sewing - pincushion tutorial 1

Making the pincushion

1. Trace and cut out 2 pieces in whatever size/shape you like. I used this weight to get a nice even, round shape.

We the sewing - pincushion tutorial 2

We the sewing - pincushion tutorial 3

2. Cut one piece of Velcro – this is the piece that will attach the pincushion to the wristband, so make it about 4cm long. Stitch the soft piece to the right side of the pincushion piece that will make up the bottom part. Save the other piece of the Velcro for later.

We the sewing - pincushion tutorial 43. Sew the two pieces right side together – with however much seam allowance you think appropriate for your chosen size/shaped pin cushion. Make sure to leave a small opening for the stuffing.

We the sewing - pincushion tutorial 54. Turn your piece inside out, and put in whichever material you have chosen to stuff it with. I’d recommend cutting any big pieces of fabric etc into smaller pieces so it doesn’t look bulky.

We the sewing - pincushion tutorial 65. Hand stitch the small whole shut.

We the sewing - pincushion tutorial 76. This step is optional, but it’s quite a nice touch to add a button to the pincushion. It also makes it a little bit firmer, which helps hold the needles in place better. Just centre the button on top, and stitch it to the pincushion. Make sure to go right through the pincushion, and pull the thread tight.

It might be a little bit difficult because of the Velcro bit on the bottom, but you can always stitch around it – the bottom doesn’t have to look great.

We the sewing - pincushion tutorial 8

Pin cushion done! Now, on to the…

Wrist band

7. Cut a piece of fabric for the wrist band. I decided I wanted a 4cm wide wrist band, and cut a piece that was 10cm wide, including a 1cm seam allowance. To get the length, measure your wrist. Please note that the ends need to overlap at least the width of your Velcro tape. Also add 2cm to each end, 4cm in total, for hemming the ends.

We the sewing - pincushion tutorial 98. Fold the piece of fabric in half lengthways, and stitch it with a 1cm seam allowance.

We the sewing - pincushion tutorial 109. Turn inside out and press.

We the sewing - pincushion tutorial 1110. Again, this is optional, but I think it gives the wrist band extra stability. Top stitch two rows, about 0.5cm from each edge.

We the sewing - pincushion tutorial 1311. Hem/fold up the ends of the wrist band and stitch. Fold up 2 x 1cm each end.

We the sewing - pincushion tutorial 1212. Position the Velcro pieces to the ends of the wristband. For comfort, add the soft part to the wrong side, and the scratchy part to the other end of the right side of the wrist band (see below). Stitch them in place.

We the sewing - pincushion tutorial 1413. Final thing! Position and stitch in place the Velcro piece which will attach the pincushion to the wristband. You will have saved this from earlier. Put the wristband on, and make sure the Velcro piece is stitched so it lies flat on the top of the wrist.

We the sewing - pincushion tutorial 16And voila! You have your own spankin new detachable wrist pincushion! Wow, that’s a mouthful…

You can also attach it to the top handle of your sewing machine!

We the sewing - pincushion tutorial 19

Share the result with me in the comments section or on Instagram!

13 thoughts on “Tutorial: detachable wrist pincushion

  1. Genius!! I’ve been meaning to make a wrist pin cushion for ages, but also end up surrounded by loose pins when at the machine. This could be the answer to all my woes!! Thanks

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  3. I think this is a marvelous idea since the pincushion can be placed on the table when necessary – think this will be our next project for our group! Thanks so much for the great idea!

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