I made jeans! For someone who never thought this day would come, I’m really excited and pleased with the outcome. I would call the result a really wearable muslin. God knows I made lot’s of mistakes, and the fit is a liiiiittle bit mumsy, but I don’t care. I MADE JEANS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

Ginger LaylaI finally feel that a 100% memade wardrobe is within my grasp (only lingerie left). Making jeans and trousers have always been a big mental hurdle for me, but decidedly less so now. When Heather Lou launched the Ginger Jeans pattern, I had a feeling that the ensuing jeans-making storm would drag me with it. And so it did.

Ginger front

Ginger behind 4

I made lot’s of changes to the pattern. I added 0.5″ to the rise (which turned out to be a bad idea, as I think it’s what gave them a slightly mumsy look) and added 1″ to the legs (which turned out not to be enough).  I then did as recommended and basted together the pieces – probably the most useful, but at the same time the most tedious part of the process. No strike that, ripping up all the basted seams was….

It was however useful, as I realised that I needed to shave off quite a bit from/flatten the crotch curve (sounds painful), and also go down about two sizes. Not sure whether this was because my fabric that was really stretchy or whether I’m just bad at taking my own measurements. Having finished them, I actually think they could be even tighter, but I’m hoping that the first wash will shrink the fabric a little bit more.

I bought this stretch jeans fabric from Stof og Stil. It’s got a nice weight, feels really comfortable on, and my beloved Janome didn’t struggle too much with multiple layers of it.


Not to go into too much detail about what I did wrong, but I’d like to make the fly zipper top stitching narrower next time, and pay more attention to the width of the two top stitching rows. I also forgot to top stitch the inseam before sewing shut the leg side seams – which makes it pretty impossible to do (i.e. I skipped it). And as my calves are a quite chunky, I could have done with with an adjustment for that, as I think it would help get rid of some of the fabric bulking up around my knees.

Finally, my big error was the waistband. I made quite a bit of sway back alterations to the yoke and back seem. But when it came to redoing the waistband, I didn’t have enough fabric left. So the waistband will need a belt at all times to keep it in check.

For the lining pieces, I decided to use a lovely flannel plaid, also from Stof og Stil. I think the colours look great together, and it’s a really soft and comfortable lining.

Ginger insidesIn terms of the booty fit – I am really pleased! I am amazed at how something as simple as pocket placement changes the whole look.

Ginger behind

Next up, I really want to make the second version, view B. I’m a skinny jeans fan, so while these jeans will definitely fall into my ‘super comfortable jeans to wear every day’ category, I want something a little bit more snug and sexy.

If you haven’t tried this pattern yet – DO. Heather Lou guides you through the whole process beautifully, both in the sewing instructions, as well as in the sew-along on her blog.

Pattern summary:

  • Ginger Jeans: £9.50
  • Fabric: 2m fabric £20 + scraps for lining
  • Notions: £4 (incl. thread, button etc)

Total: £33.5

29 thoughts on “Jeansjeansjeans

  1. They look pretty great anyway, and sounds like you learned a lot for next time! Jeans-making is so fun and addictive.

    • Thanks Katie – you’re totally right. I think you need to ‘get through’ your first pair to figure out how the construction works. Am looking forward to my next pair – am inspired your your red ones to try something other than blue….

  2. Hey, they look great and really professional. Cant see any mistakes at all. I made those jeans too (not posted yet) and its tricky to get the fit right with stretchy material. Every fabric stretches differently. I basted mine together twice :)

    • Thank you :) I probably should have basted twice as well, but if I’m honest I couldn’t be bothered. So I just based it again to make them tighter in fit, which meant that I had two rows of basting to unpick – not fun! Btw, just saw you amazing yellow wedding outfit – what a stunning dress!

    • Thank you :) Thought I’d share the wrong-doing as sometimes it’s nice to share the lows as well as the highs! It was super educational though. Think you should def add it to your list!

    • Thanks Marilla :) You’d totally ace them. But I’m guessing you have a gazillion other amazing projects in the pipeline. I’m super keen to try your tights pattern…

  3. Wow. Ingrid, these look pretty bloody brilliant for your first pair of jeans. I am very impressed with the pocket placement and the booty fir looks fab! Looking forward to seeing Ginger V.2.

    • Thanks – it’s possible that it’s all in my head. Have just worn them for a full day, and frankly I don’t care anymore. They are too comfortable! And that is what it’s all about in the end of the day :)

  4. Erm, mum-fit?? I don’t think so! You aced them and even if there’s room for improvement who among us has ever had the perfect RTW jeans? These are probably better than nearly any high street jeans! Gorgeous. I’m so impressed. And I SO SO SO want to make these!

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  7. Are you kidding?! Those look fabulous. I think the fit is great. I have yet to jump that pants making hurdle after too many frustrating tries. Maybe the Ginger pattern is where I need to start.

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